Friday, February 8, 2008

One for the Record Books

Now, I know we live in Colorado and everything, and that snow is a big, big, really big part of what goes on out here. If people aren't skiing or snowboarding or snowshoeing or snow mobiling or taking part is some other kind of winter sport, they're talking about it, discussing it, analyzing it, etc., ad nauseum.

But this year the Vail Valley is having record-setting snowfall, even here in our little banana belt of Eagle many feet of snow have fallen. Fortunately, because we live in a planned unit development, very little snow has been shoveled by us. Last year, on Finn's site, I printed the Snow Shoveler's Lament, which is a hilarious take on shoveling snow in snowy climates. I printed it tongue in cheek. This year I could print it for real.

Anyway, thought you might like to see some pictures of exactly how much snow we do have:

First, the garage roof. This is the east side of the roof, which has a lot less snow than the west side of the roof, but I couldn't be bothered to go outside and take a picture as I am still in my pajamas. Seeing people on roofs shoveling snow is a major occurence. Eamonn explained to me that building codes here require calculations for "snow load." I hope our builder did his calculations correctly.

Next is Declan in our backyard. These backyard pictures were actually taken last week. . .before several additional storms came through.

This is Finn when we went sledding over at the school. The school kids had made a giant snow ball, which is now an ice ball, and partially hollowed it out. Finn thought it would make a great seat.

In other excitement this week, Eamonn's cousin, Eamon, who is a pilot for Net Jets, flew into Eagle on Tuesday and Finn and I got to go to the private part of the airport for the rich and famous and see Eamon's plane.

Finn ate his lunch in luxury and then proceeded to tell Declan all about it later, making him exceedingly jealous on purpose. Ah, siblings.

And now, I must run. Even though I had planned to go skiing by myelf today, which is always preferable because of the way I crash around on the slopes, I have now been convinced to take Declan and one of his friends with me, both of whom, I might add, are far better skiiers than I. I hope I live to tell the tale.


1dreamr said...

Good lord, that's a lot of snow!!! Beautiful, though!

Hope you survived the slopes! :-)

Anonymous said...

Man what I wouldn't give for a little of that snow. We live in Virginia and while some parts of the state have received lots of snow, we've had nothing but a flurry here. My 7 year old begs and begs for just one snow. Can you send a few feet our way????


Kelley said...

So ya'll just walk around knee to thigh deep in snow? I thought they made some kind of special shoes that keep you from sinking down in the snow or something. Living my entire life in Alabama and never having been north during a time when it snowed, I have extremely limited knowledge of anything snow related. Our entire state shuts down if we expect to get any more than 1/2 inch accumulations. And every loaf of bread and all milk is gone before the first snowflake is spotted. Of course, after the grocery store raids, 9 times out of 10, the snow ends up being a cold rain.

Elizabeth said...

hey, Eamonn's cousin is cute!

I am not a snow bunny, good thing I live in a mild climate! I'd go stir crazy.