Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh, Indy!

Tonight I went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Eamonn took Declan to see it last weekend. Declan is a huge Indiana Jones fan (as is evidenced by the myriad Indiana Jones Lego sets adorning his bedroom and the family room) and wants to be an archeologist (on the days he's not going to be an NHL player) when he grows up. Anyway, I felt like seeing Indy on the big screen was important, so I went tonight after dinner.

First, let me say that I love it that I can walk to the movie theater in about 5 minutes and that it's so safe here I can walk home by myself in the dark afterwards and not feel nervous at all.

At any rate, I'm not sure how I feel about the new Indy movie. I loved Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'm lukewarm about Temple of Doom. But I loved The Last Crusade--I mean, Sean Connery AND Harrison Ford together? What's not to love (OK, maybe that comment Sean made in an interview with Barbara Walters about women needing to be slapped around sometimes wasn't something to love. I'm hoping that was an anomaly.).

Eamonn had said there were some things in this movie that made him think, "Hmmm, that's pretty unrealistic." I asked him didn't he think there were unrealistic things in the other movies? Like when Indy jumped out of an airplane in Temple of Doom and landed unscathed in the life raft? Or how about in Last Crusade when Indy breaks throught the floor of the library in Venice, finds the Knight Templar's tomb (I think that's who he found), and survived a blast of fire? No, no one probably goes to see these movies for the realism.

But to me, Harrison Ford was a hottie in the first three movies. And. . .as much as it pains me to say it. . .I'm not sure I still feel that way. That makes me sad and nostalgic for the good old days when I was in middle school and Anne Robinson and I went to see Raiders at Flickers when Worthington Square was still called Worthington Square, not Worthington Mall, and it wasn't even a enclosed mall. Anyone remember that far back?

I'm wondering if I just should have skipped this movie and remembered Indy as he was. I did enjoy the new movie, but I sort of feel like I was watching my Dad on screen. Not that my Dad is a whip wielding, gun toting, fist swinging kind of guy or anything, but I'm just struggling with how much Indy has aged since the last movie. I felt like at any second Indy was going to turn and ask me if I was putting enough money away in my IRA or the kids' college funds. I just couldn't get past the whole age thing. Because time has stood still for me, you know.

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Anonymous said...

Time eventually catches up with all of us except you of course. I think that is the very reason that I have not been in that much of hurry to see the new movie. My favorite was the Last Crusade. Of course any movie with Sean in it makes me want to see it.