Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Small Town Fourth of July

My Dad was here visiting over the Fourth of July. While we go up valley for the big fireworks one night, I love our town's small town celebration on the actual Fourth of July.

It starts wtih a bike parade:

I strategically position myself to photograph my family. Declan (on red bike) buzzes by without even a wave.

Finn concentrating very hard.

The parade ends at the town park where there are sack races:

A balloon toss:

Finn and Eamonn were a little overzealous and were out in the first toss.

And of course, the pie eating contest. Recall that last year Finn and Eamonn won their respective categories. They were unsuccessful in their attempts to defend their positions this year. Perhaps they shouldn't have eaten donuts before the contest. But fun was had by all.

See? Doesn't Eamonn look like he's having fun?

The best part is when the fire truck comes and sprays everyone down. The kids were happy. They didn't have to take showers after the pie eating.

Other activities with Grandpa. He watched Declan play hockey (yes, he's already back on the ice, getting ready for next season).

We had a picnic in Vail after hockey, walked to a park, got caught in a huge rainstorm.

This is pre-rainstorm.

Grandpa hiked with Finn (while Declan was at hockey).

We all went on a hike. Please note--we rode the chairlift UP the mountain and hiked back down. I was surprisingly sore from hiking down. Clearly I am getting old.

That's the Gore Range in the background.

Heading down. We walked about 100 yards and stopped for lunch. We're tough like that.

We had a wildlife encounter (that's a mule deer).

Reaping the fruits of their labor at the bottom.


Kristie said...

I hiked DOWN a mountain one time ... my shins were sore for days. I hate exercise.

jean said...

For living in FL, your dad doesn't have much color - apparently you get your fear of the sun from him. :-) And talk about getting old - took me to the last picture to figure out who the 3rd kid was - DUH!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful visit! What is the name of your town, Natalie? I heard you will be visiting Ohio in August. I am hoping to see you!!!!!

1dreamr said...

Awesome pics. I'll take a small town 4th of July over a "red, white & boom" type celebration ANY day of the week.