Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Internet is my Back Up Brain

Why do I need to remember anything if it's all on the Internet?

Tonight I'm making something called Frenzied Fried Rice for dinner. It's a favorite around here and it's from a cookbook I love called Desperation Dinners. The base of the meal is leftover rice, which I never have, so I need to make it ahead.

Now, making rice, and pasta even, at high altitudes is always a crap shoot. I find brown rice, which we try to eat a majority of the time (vs. white rice), particularly hard to make. The altitude just does strange things to the amount of water you need and the cooking time.

I have found complete perfection when I make the Food Network's Alton Brown's baked brown rice. An online friend said it's the recipe she uses and now I use it 100% of the time I make brown rice.

So I just looked at the clock and realized it was time to get the rice cooking (it takes 45 minutes to an hour). I've made this rice enough times that I should know the recipe by heart. But I can never remember. Is it 275 degrees or 375 degrees (it's 375). Is it 2 1/2 cups of water or 2 (it's 2 1/2)? One cup of rice or 1 1/2 (1 1/2)?

My point here isn't to tell you how to cook rice (although you should use this recipe. It's a beautiful thing to cook your rice in the oven and never have it boil over on your clean stove ever again). My point is that why can't I remember this simple recipe that I've made a zillion times? But then again, why can't I remember half the stuff I forget?

With Alzheimers on both sides of the family, I worry (obsess) about my mental state to the point that I even downloaded crossword and sudoku apps for my iPad in attempt to save myself from myself.

But I've also realized that there's no reason to really fill my brain with stuff anyway because isn't that what Google is for? I can't tell you how many times Eamonn and I are sitting here watching something or talking about something and one will ask the other, "Do you remember..." fill in the blank with whatever, and the other will reply, "No, but I can Google it and find out." Tap, tap, tap...answer.

I wonder if Google will be the new cure for Alzheimers? I might be onto something.


M said...

I have CRS too...scary!
As for rice...does a rice cooker work? I cook all kinds of rice using one...although I am just barely above sea level we do use one in UT and the rice turns out....that's at 8,000' I believe.

1dreamr said...

That is SO true! We all live & die by Google, don't we???!!

Leeann said...

I totally get what you mean, Natalie. I keep telling myself that I do remember a ton of stuff though- kids' schedules, laundry stuff, recipe stuff etc.. It's just that the stuff I know is more generalized and somewhat more useless!