Sunday, November 27, 2011

I am Full of Pie

Raise your hand if you overate on Thanksgiving.

Count me in. Not horrible, but definitely over the comfort zone.

While I'm a pumpkin pie lover, Eamonn is not. Apparently if you don't grow up eating things that are pumpkin flavored, you never really develop a love for it. I have yet to meet someone from England who says they like pumpkin.

Anyway, I was debating about what our second pie flavor would be on Thanksgiving. The boys and I decided on apple after I found THIS recipe. Sometimes I come down a little hard on The Pioneer Woman because her recipes will put the average citizen into cardiac arrest. But on Thanksgiving, I'm willing to throw her a bone. It's time to throw caution to the wind.

I'm telling you, this apple pie is the bomb. The final two pieces need to go away before I suffer death by pie.

And definitely make the hard sauce for the top. Wow.

I made an attempt to have a gluten free Thanksgiving. I did it with one exception: the sausage stuffing Eamonn makes. I just ate a little because it's worth a little stomach cramping.

I made gluten free pie crusts with THIS recipe. I was a little worried because sometimes gluten free = nasty. But it was a total hit. Eamonn was complimenting the crust. When they were all finished eating, I dropped the gluten free bombshell.

Next up: Gluten Free Christmas. I'm already plotting and planning.


Elizabeth said...


I'll have to find my Mom's recipe for Apple pie. It's full of brown sugar, walnuts and cranberries. Don't scoff, it's amazing.

I had packet oatmeal for breakfast, cookie for lunch, and I think hummus and triscuits for dinner. On the road...

M said...

Please note: hand is raised.

I had Thanksgiving for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2 days straight. I loved candied yams. I also have an apple pie recipe that is awesome...I don't even like pie and I will eat that one.

Now just to hope my Athleta sale pants fit!

Marci said...

i was going to ask you if the pie was good...sounds like it was! yum, i totally need to make this, maybe for Christmas. PS--I asked for a cookbook from the pioneer woman for Christmas!