Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hope you didn't run out to the store!

Clearly, I'm still on the learning curve, too. As I was running a bath the other night (I like to sit in there and soak until I'm a prune), I happened to take a gander at two of my Jason products--bath/shower gel and hand soap. ARGH! Both of them contain two chemicals that EWG isn't too happy about: Sodium Myreth Sulfate (really the same thing as Sodium Laurel Sulfate) and Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine.

This really bums me out (if anyone actually says that anymore) because I love my Jason soaps. I take my baths very, very seriously. Now I've got to start the hunt all over again. The Jason products were reasonably priced, too. Ah, well. Such is life.

And a quick answer to Beth who asked about sunscreen. We have tested a zillion different "natural" kinds of sunscreen with varying results. Several times we have found that the natural versions don't actually protect that well, so that even after lathering up, we still get a little pink. Now, I have read that our bodies need about 15 minutes of peak-time sun exposure every day to maintain sufficient vitamin D stores. But after that, get covered up. These days we're having good luck with a brand called Aubrey Organics, their kids' version (we all use it though--I don't think the sunscreen knows I'm of legal age). No burns so far with this brand.

Well, heck, I'll let you know how the search for a new bubble bath and hand soap pans out. Sorry about that.


Robin said...

I get "bummed out" all the time! But it does show when your formative years were-- not that there's anything wrong with that!

Anonymous said...

I miss you! I just e-mailed you. I want to talk soon. Have you started camping yet? Have you purchased a tent trailer?

Enjoying your new blog!

Karen Czapla

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Finn is leading the survivor's lap in your local Relay fot Life. How will you keep from sobbing?

Karen gain