Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Day! Mayday!

Oh yes, it's May 1st. Isn't this the day where we put on our summer clothes and dance around a May Pole? Great! See you there!

Let me just dig my winter coat back out first. . .

I did do a clean house Q&A below . . .


Leeann said...

I love to look at the pictures of Colorado. I would like to visit there.
Live there?
No way!


Mountain Mama said...

Looks oh too familiar. Snowed off and on all day here. Snow from last night has melted and nothing much stuck to the "green" grass. Ahh - the life of mtn living.
I read your comment about shopping. Would love to share what I do just not sure how I blog it. Will think about that one and try to get it done. Thanks for the idea.
staying warm,

utahsweeney said...

Oh Natalie, where are you??? We need an update... has the snow melted? Has your green household grown over you or have you fallen off the wagon and you're stuck on the couch with a Pepsi and double-stuff Oreos???