Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cheap Summer Labor

At first, I was dreading the summer break. The boys are in this phase of constantly picking at each other. It gets on my nerves. Quickly. I listen to other people talk about how well their kids get along and how they never fight. It makes me want to put a sharp stick in my eye.

I think I finally found a solution though. Or at least Erin told me about a solution. Probably three years ago, she turned me onto a scheduling "program" that's designed for homeschool families. Following the scheduling program, I divide the boys' days into 30 minute blocks. I have very smartly left "fight with your brother" and "engage in behavior likely to drive your mother insane" off of the schedule. Still patting myself on the back over that one.

But what I did schedule time for is chores. And mysteriously, the boys love it. Well, Declan does anyway. Finn? Not so much. The boys have historically been responsible for their rooms, getting themselves ready in the morning, and doing other small tasks like setting and clearing the table. But now, the chores are getting serious. Laundry. Dusting. Swiffering the floor. Straightening the basement. My attempts to capitalize on the cheap labor that summer brings knows no bounds.

They're going to be so sick of chores by the end of the summer, they'll be beating down the doors of the school to get inside. There's a method to my madness.


Anonymous said...

It is a character building environment. And knowing the character you've joined with, those lads of yours will not lack for examples of character. I love your blog Natalie, it is awash in memories as I read. However the adventures are grander than my memories, you are a joy.
May God bless and keep you in his graces.

1dreamr said...

Hey, sounds like a win-win!! And, if you run out of things for them to do, send 'em back to Columbus for a week. I could keep them busy around this place for QUITE awhile! :-)

Happy 4th!!

Leeann said...

We've been all over the chore list this summer too and it is just DANDY!

This is the first year, also, that when we have our weekend pool parties, we post a list of chores for the kids to do to clean the main level of the house. I do the cooking/food prep, Rob prepares the pool area and Boom! We are all done and ready to party!


Jill B. said...

Chore lists rock. I am a little scattered, though, and tend to assign tasks as needed. The children know that the best way to deal with a chore is to do it right away. If I have to nag or if the child gets surly...let's just say my reaction is not pretty. I have my 5-year-old involved as well.

I also have come up with a fiendish punishment for serious infractions of house rules...picking weeds. hated by all. All three have had weed duty this week. I have to say that attitude and moral have been much higher!