Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Husband is a Really Good Sport

1. He buys feminine hygiene products and isn't embarrassed.

2. He tolerates my endless research and experimentation with all kinds of foods and then serves as a guniea pig. Except for the lentils. That didn't go down well.

3. Has offered to build an addition on the house for all of my extraneous kitchen appliances.

4. Drove me around to at least 10 different department stores and let me spend an obscene amount of money to try and find just exactly the right kind of giant granny panty, stomach-holding in undergarments when I needed to fit into a bridesmaid dress after Finn was born.

5. Rubs my feet. And my back. And rarely requires that I reciprocate.

6. Actually likes "Love, Actually."

7. Didn't say a word when I drove the car into some rebar, puncturing a hole in the bumper. . .about two weeks after the car came out of the shop to have the bumper replaced.

8. Keeps his thoughts to himself even when I complain about my weight. . .and then binge on popcorn and rootbeer.

9. Graciously steps in when I am trying to sew something. . .and get it wrong three times in a row.

10. And, the most recent good sport example. . .he let me cut his hair. And he only nervously squeezed his eyes shut once or twice when I accidentally cut off a sideburn and then shaved him to the skin behind his right ear.

You're a good man, honey.


Leeann said...

Awww, he so totally is.

I love Eamonn!


utahsweeney said...

Hilarious Natalie. You've got a good one!

1dreamr said...

Love it!

Does he have a brother? :-)

Joanne said...

And he's easy to look at too!

Mountain Mama said...

Sounds like he is a keeper!

Anonymous said...

And I understand that he can shave his legs smoother than his sisters could theirs. But that was in his racy days...oops I mean racing days BSA

Brian K said...

Dude. You're messing up the curve - knock it off.

Brian K