Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eating My Way Around Town

I had this initial insane plan that I would bring my workout DVDs with me to Ohio on "vacation" so I could exercise, eat right and lose weight while we are here. What is that sound? Hysterical laughter?

Anyway, on the plane the boys were talking about all of their favorite Ohio foods they couldn't wait to eat. Sad, I know. Things like Donatos Pizza, Graeter's Ice Cream, Jersey Mike's Subs and Marie's Candies were being shouted out from Row 27, seats D, E and F. I was right there with them actually--I've got the mushroom caps at First Watch on my list (I'm meeting a friend there for breakfast tomorrow so that's all taken care of). Then we discussed our favorite foods that were not from a restaurant--like Great Grandpa's homemade ice cream. I usually down about three bowls. People are amazed. Or perhaps appalled.

So this is what happened after our fight landed: We drove straight to Donatos. We did not pass go. We did not collect $200. But we did collect a large half cheese half pepperoni pizza. And we went to my Mom's and ate all of it.

But actually, before I even got to my pizza, I was shoveling in bites of Marie's Candy that Mom had "thoughtfully" purchased last weekend.

We were still chewing when we set off on foot for Graeters in Worthington. Mom is within walking distance to a Graeters. Danger! Danger! Danger! So I thought I'd get some sorbet. As if. I noticed peanut butter cup was on the menu and my resolve crumbled.

We rolled home and I think I probably munched some more Marie's. I didn't sleep well. I'm guessing indigestion.

I will say that I got up and did my workout Wednesday morning. I'm not sure why because it was more than negated when we got to Grandpa's. We had a great summer lunch--fresh tomatoes from the garden, marinated cukes and onions, homemade potato salad, sandwiches. I ate two helpings of everything, except the sandwich. Then it was on to the ice cream. I ate my bowl. I finished Declan's bowl. I finished Finn's bowl. I had another bowl. And two brownies. I waddled around the farm for the rest of the day.

Mom and I ate salad last night. Oops, but it was preceded by guacamole and chips. And some pico de gallo. Debbie came over to fit my dress which is now requiring additional alterations because of my guacamole tummy.

But then Mom and I devoured a huge bowl of popcorn watching the Olympics so I obviously wasn't too worried. Yet. But now I'm starting to panic that I'll be huge and bloated when we got to see the Jonas Brothers on Saturday. Because I'm sure they'll pick us out of the crowd and ask us to come backstage to meet them. At least that's what Marci and I are hoping--we're taking Declan and Marci's daughter Kendall to see those adorable Jonas boys. Sigh.

In vain, I exercised again this morning. Why? Ten more days of eating lies in front of me. Should I just stop and let the pounds fall where they may? Start fasting immediately and forget that Mom bought sushi for dinner? I'm back in Ohio just under 48 hours and all of my childhood (also adult) eating habits seemed to be hanging around here waiting for me like an old, unwelcome friend. Like a giant Marie's Candy just waiting to devour me. Ah well, there are worse way to go.

Here's what we've been doing so far:

Actually, last weekend, before we left, we had a visitor. This is Eamon, Eamonn's cousin. He's a pilot with NetJets. He flew into Eagle on Saturday and we got to spend the day/evening with him. We're actually back here in Ohio for Eamon's wedding on Aug. 30th. Actually, the wedding is in Michigan so we're road tripping from here to Niagara Falls for a few days before ending up in Michigan next week.

Declan at the airport before we departed. Eamonn had me take pictures of the boys so if one of them went missing I could immediately give the police a current photo. Frankly, I don't worry about it too much with Declan. . .

. . .it's THIS one you have to look out for. What do you think of his short new do? I got a little carried away with the scissors, but he seems to like it.

The boys at Graeters, Aug. 19, 2008. The amazing thing about Graeters is that it's always busy. Even in the dead of winter you see people in there. It's THAT good.

At Grandpa's. Their favorite thing is to ride the lawn tractor. Declan is actually a fairly good driver.

Declan and Great Grandpa. Great Grandpa is 95. His birthday party is Saturday. He still gets around.

Finn at the wheel. Not such a great driver, this one.

Finn and Great Grandpa. A little more driving intervention was required with Finn.

Declan tries to get away from Finn on the tractor.

Picking pears.

Picking tomatoes with Great Ruth. I just realized I forgot to itemize out all of the lemonade I drank. I'm sure those were harmless calories.

A dove in the walnut tree (as opposed to a partride in the pear tree).

The fruits (and veggies) of their labor.

The boys and Watson, Grandpa and Ruth's dog. He was more interested in having his tummy scratched or playing than posing for photographs.

Trying to photo Watson again. . .

The boys with Great Grandpa and Great Ruth. And Watson who really looks like he wants Finn to let go of his head.

Watson comes back from the end of the driveway the paper. Good dog.

Must run. Sushi is calling.


1dreamr said...

Marie's Candy? Do tell!! Haven't heard of it, but I should probably stop by and try it so I can compare it with Peters' Chocolates in Butler. I think I'm almost obligated to do that as a public service...right?? It's true, on one of these recent trips to Butler, I got a one pound box and ate the entire thing in two days. I'm ashamed! (But it was really, really good.)

Enjoy the rest of your time in Ohio and safe travels to Niagara Falls and Michigan.

We'll be here when you get back -- waiting for a photo of you in your dress! :-)

Leeann said...

I really like Finn's shorter hair. I think it really looks great on him. I am shocked at how light Declan's hair has gotten!

Love all the pictures. Have a great trip!


Joanne said...

Great pictures! I can't believe your grandpa is 95! Wow give him my best wishes.

Finn's haircut looks so cute!


MakesMeSmile said...

Welcome Home

Grove City

Lynn's mom said...

Good grief, they look SO grown up! Have a delicious time! Jane in Minnesota

Mom on the Run said...

There is something magicial about "food from home." I grew up in Manchester, England. When I next go back I am heading to a chippie for cheese and onion pie and chips...yummy and yet so unhealthy that I might get arrested for eating it. Another favorite shepherd's pie or a ploughman's lunch at a pub or apple crumble or Malteser's.

Mountain Mama said...

You are hilarious! Probably b/c it all sounds so familiar. Where is the sef-control when you need it.