Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I was sitting here on the couch tonight, channel surfing while trying to come up with an inspired headline and lead for a news release, I came across Sleepless in Seattle. I love Sleepless in Seattle. In fact, I own it (on VHS--tee hee). How many times have I watched it? I don't know. I've lost count. It gives me such warm fuzzy feelings. I love everything about it--the story, the characters, the actors who play them. I want to be Meg Ryan and have her hair.

Insert a bit of history here--when I had short, curly blond hair (vs. the long, curly brown hair I'm sporting now in honor of Locks of Love), I used to have people tell me I looked like Meg Ryan when she was in City of Angels. Have I said that before? I think I've said that before. It's late. I'm repeating myself. I've never seen City of Angels so I can't confirm or deny this resemblance, but I can confirm it probably goes no further than the hair.

Anyway, as I sat sort of watching Meg and Tom for about the zillionth time, and sort of doing my work, I started thinking about how when there's a movie on TV that I really love, I'll watch it, commercials and all, even though I own the darn thing on video or DVD. It's like a train wreck--I can't bring myself to change the channel. One time Eamonn and I stayed up until 1 a.m. watching The Brothers McMullen, which I feel certain we've seen at least five times--once in the movie theater and now in endless reruns--ruining our sleep for a week, just because.

I often stumble across A League of Their Own on a Saturday while I'm folding laundry. I watch and try to drag out the laundry folding so I can see the whole thing. As if I couldn't just put in the tape and watch it if happen to miss the end of it "live" on TV.

What else do I love, own and yet still watch on TV?

-9 to 5. It just doesn't get any better than Lily, Dolly, Jane and Dabney. I know all the words to the song. I know, my talent boggles the mind, doesn't it?
-Footloose. Because there's just something about Kevin Bacon dancing and doing gymnastics moves around a deserted barn-y looking warehouse.
-The Sound of Music. Even though they cut tons of it out. This is actually why I DON'T watch White Christmas on TV--only on DVD.
-Bridget Jones' Diary--Except that it's not nearly as funny without all the swearing. Sorry, but it's true for me. Same for Bend it Like Beckham and The Full Monty.
-Most James Bond. This is really more for Eamonn's sake. He gets tired of all the period drama I record and he needs a break.
-You've Got Mail. Tom and Meg again. I love it. "That caviar is a garnish!" It's something Tara would chastise someone for.
-Any Harry Potter.
-Any Indiana Jones.
-Four Weddings and a Funeral. I never thought Hugh Grant would look dated, but check out those glasses, man.
-Circle of Friends. Minnie Drive is so cute chubby. It's a downer that Colin Firth plays an ass though.
-Ben Hur. Is this my favorite movie of all time? I think it might be. The first scenes I ever saw from it were in Mr. Ellwood's World History class, sophomore year in high school, when we were learning about Rome. He wanted us to see how the chariot races looked. The rumor was that the guy who gets run over by the chariot actually was run over and he died. I'm going right now to IMDB to look that up. Hold on. Well, how about that. Not true. All these years. . .but, the site does say that Charlton Heston's double did actually get thrown out of the chariot and climbs back in and they kept it in the movie. Cool. That makes me feel better.
-When Harry Met Sally. I'll have what she's having.
-Sixteen Candles. I can't believe my grandmother actually felt me up. But come to think of it, this one hasn't been on TV much.
-Breakfast Club. Can you describe the ruckus?
-The Princess Bride. No more rhyming. I mean it.
-The Parent Trap. The REAL Parent Trap. Heck, the never run that one either. It's just the new one now.
-Braveheart. Even with all of the heads being lopped off, Mel Gibson is hot with his fake Scottish accent and kilt. But then again, that was before he went on his bigoted, drunken tirade.

It's a good thing I have a lot of laundry to fold on weekends.


Musings from Me said...

You need to check out Love Actually.

My other faves: All the President's Men, JFK, Memento, Big Chill, Grand Canyon, Peter's Friends

I iron or fold and watch a movie. Like you!

Kristie said...

We do the same thing! A movie that we own, that we haven't been bothered to pull out the tape and actually watch for years ... but if it shows up on tv, everything else stops so we can watch it with commercials ... it's so odd. And we'll watch it repeatedly. Last week we were on a Kindergarten Cop kick and watched it three times.

I agree with Musings from Me -- Love, Actually is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Emily said...

Oh Lordy....at least now I know that I am perfectly normal and not the only one who does this....and the funny thing is that they often show the same old movie 2-3 times in the same day and I end up watching it more than once on the SAME DAY! And we have the same tast-I'm a sucker for You've Got Mail, Sleepless, Sound of Music.....but seriously, you really should check out City of Angels since you are a Meg Ryan fine-it's one of my favorites!

Mountain Mama said...

"Anyone want a peanut?" (to finish your quote from Princess Bride)

Why do we do this? Same thing happens at our house. Strange creatures to say the least.

Cate said...

The Parent Trap, either/or.
The Fugitive.
A League of Their Own. (someday I believe she will hold on to the ball)
Footloose fur sure
Ghosts of Mississippi
The Rookie
Pirates of the Caribbean. (just the first one. The others do not exist in my world)

M said...

Ha...your "Real Parent Trap," made me remember my kids watching Peter Pan videos...they had the cartoon Disney version and the Mary Martin play version...and they differentiated between them by calling them "The Girl Peter Pan," and the "Boy Peter Pan" movies.

Perhaps I should watch while I do laundry...I hate to fold!

Anonymous said...

How about Remember the Titans - it's on all the time (and we have the dvd) and we stop whatever we are doing and watch....I think I know all the words!