Sunday, May 31, 2009

The View from Our Front Porch Tonight

Our neighbors called at about 8:20pm tonight and told us to come outside. I was already in my pajamas. They said it didn't matter.

We have had a week of unseasonable rain, which I have been loving. I miss the days of steady rain like we had in Ohio (but not the steady WEEKS of rain we would sometimes have in Ohio!).

Anyway, this was our view when we stepped out onto the front porch.

Sorry I've been MIA for so many days. I had a million converging deadlines that I am proud to say I met either on time or early. I'm glad to have that behind me. . .until tomorrow.


RSMDianne said...

My first thought, when saw your post title, was that it was snowing. Glad it was a beautiful double rainbow.

Beth said...

What a beautiful sight! Did you go hunting for the pot at the end in your jammies?

sportzmom said...

Beautiful...even in your pajamas!

1dreamr said...

Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing those!