Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The British Invade Colorado

So now that you've seen a million pictures of my various and sundry friends and family, I offer you a million Colorado scenery pictures. And, I admit, a few more various and sundry family members.

Karen, Neil, Michaela and Dean visited us early July and we all headed en masse to southeast Colorado for a little sightseeing.

We met them in Denver and headed south to Colorado Springs where we went to Garden of the Gods.

It was hot there. Africa hot. But that didn't deter us from scrambling around on rocks and outcroppings of all sorts.

We cooled off with a drive up a mountain and a hike to a waterfall. But it was still pretty hot.

Have I mentioned I hate hot weather?

In Colorado Springs, we also went to the Flying W Ranch, where we chowed down on a chuckwagon supper (that might be the first time I have ever use the word "supper") and then listened to the Flying W Wranglers, the world's second oldest western singing group. Yee haw! I think it might have been a little much for the Brits though--by the end of the show, I was the only one left at the table.

After Colorado Springs we headed up Pike's Peak where we saw rare wildlife, came across some snow, and did some yoga at the summit. Well, Karen and Neil did anyway. And I got it all on film. Or disk. Whatever.

Throw in a trip over the Continental Divide, ice cream in Breckenrige, the Glenwood Caverns, swimming, and a ride on the Vail gondola and you've filled a week's worth of your time in Colorado.

And there's still a million things in this state we haven't seen yet.

Just give me some time.

At any rate, here's a glimpse of the British Invasion of Colorado.


Anonymous said...

You had a fabulous day on Pike's Peak! That is so hit and miss with weather!

Thanks for the fun update!

Connie F-G

Mom2Toribug said...

I would love to go to Colorado some day. Never been there, but will I am sure. BTW, in Georgia we say "supper", at least I do. Dinner is lunch too :-) Yep, rednecks indeed!!