Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Memory Lapse

I've written before about how dependent I am on my To Do List. Bottom line: If it's not on the list, it doesn't happen. Unfortunately, I have been the victim of technical difficulties that have made it so that even things on the list aren't happening.

Remember the old days? When we kept everything on a paper calendar? In fact, we loved those cool organizers and all of the inserts you could buy at those Covey stores at the mall. . .and charge them to the company. Life was so easy. And I never missed meeting.

Enter the digital age. The really digital age. Because I had an electronic calendar system way back when, I guess I just didn't really use it. But in the Really Digital Age, I no longer had a paper-based organizer. Nope, I was hip. I had a Palm Pilot and I lived and died by everything on it. I loved tapping the little check box indicating a task was completed. It beeped to remind me of meetings. I had all of my contacts in the palm of my hand.

And then I left the corporate world and a Palm Pilot wasn't really necessary. But I was so hooked on my electronic task list in Outlook. I put everything on it. It was set up to remind me to buy anniversary cards (after forgetting several years running), when to send birthday cards, when to call people and sing happy birthday, when to reorder vitamins. . .and of course, a bunch of work stuff. But who cares about the work stuff?

Apparently, I should care because a few weeks ago I installed the Ofice 2007 upgrade on my computer and it totally freaked out any reminders on my computer and I no longer get them. Nothing about meetings, projects, birthday cards or vitamins. The list is there, it's just that the reminders don't pop up and, you know, remind me.

As a result, I have missed meetings, phone calls, the occasional deadline, and most importantly, birthdays.

I know that I could get in the habit of just going to my to do list in Outlook each day and just looking at what I need to do, but that's not the point. The point is that my computer is supposed to be reminding me. I neeeeed the reminders.

I'm a wreck. It's leaking into other areas of my life and I'm starting to lose it. In fact, yesterday I was out running errands and thought I'd left my sunglasses in a store. I was retracing my steps and then I realized I was wearing my sunglasses. On my face.

Clearly I have used up all of my finite brain cells trying to remember my to do list. This has to stop.


Kristie said...

I'm still a paper and pen girl for that very reason. I can't rely on anyone or anything else for my own list. Although, I misplaced the notepad once and it was quite a disaster.

Leeann said...

Oh Lord, I hear you! I am in the quandry of being stuck between two worlds- I use a paper calendar but also my computer calendar on gmail. But then sometimes what is on one doesn't make it on to the other. I think my head is going to explode!

And Kristie- I remember when you lost your notebook!

Amber said...

With Outlook 2007, double-click the item in your To Do list. It will open similar to email format. At the top it will say Subject, under that it has the Start Date and Due Date. )Hoping you are still with me here!). Underneath the Due Date, there is a check box labeled Reminder. You need to check that box, then set the date and time you want to be reminded. Then click Save and Close in the top left corner.

Hope that helps!

1dreamr said...

One word: Blackberry!!!! I don't think I could function without it anymore... task list, calendar, and alarm after sweet alarm. I need all the help I can get!!

jbaj said...

Oh gosh - Still do my "To Do" list every Sunday night on a yellow lined legal pad. I'm a tecno freak in every other sense but I've got to be able to cross that stuff off my list.

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