Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Dusting of Snow

Hey, how about me and all of my Colorado scenery pictures lately? Sick of it yet?

Anyway, I wait for this day anxiously every fall--the day that snow is back on New York Mountain which I can see from the street that runs right through the middle of our neighborhood.

Last night, it got pretty cold at our elevation--6,600 feet. And it was raining (have I ever mentioned how much I miss a good, solid rain here in the high desert?). I suspected, and I was right, that the nearby peaks might be getting their first dusting of snow. It's always right around this week every year so far.

The clouds were still heavy when we woke up this morning, so I couldn't tell until they lifted early this afternoon, but then I could definitely see: SNOW!

I have always loved fall: leaves, visiting the pumpkin farm, I even liked Ohio's damp, cold fall weather. It's a little different out here--fall comes fast. The past two summers when we've returned home from Ohio, it's still summer here, but the heat is gone from the air. It's still warm, but not hot, if that makes sense. Nights cool down, leaves are starting to turn by the last week of August. The Aspens are lovely and yellow, but I still miss the reds and oranges of Ohio. We have one street in our neighborhood with maples that are turning red. I'm watching carefully so that when they get a little further along, I'll walk up and down that street all day and take a few pictures.

If you click to enlarge the picture above, you can see patches of yellow on the elevations below the snow capped peaks. Very pretty. I would have been even prettier with the sun out, but we had an unusual lack of sunshine today--very rare out here, trust me (a Midwestern girl at heart, I pine for some really cloudy days. Even Declan comments, "I wish it would rain.").

Here's a picture of the first snow dusting last year, which happened on the night of September 19, 2009 (versus the night of September 22, 2010, this year). Aren't I such a riveting scientist with all of this analysis.

I had thought it was a much sunnier day after that first snow last year, but clearly, it really wasn't. Thank goodness for photographic evidence.

I know some people lament the end of summer and coming of fall, but I look forward to each season here. Each one brings something new and very different so I'm ready for each one when it comes.

However, this little sprinkling of snow makes me want to dash right past fall and and run without passing go to have my skis tuned. But wait, that would mean I'd miss the Halloween candy. I'll dash right after Halloween.


Kathleen said...

If you dash right Halloween, then you will miss the Thanksgiving turkey. Do rush the seasons to go faster. They will so be going too fast.

Aunt Kathy

Kristie said...

I think I like fall too much to live in Colorado. Well, that and the fact I don't snow ski probably doesn't help. :)

I do miss the falls in Ohio, though!!

jean said...

BITE YOUR TONGUE! You don't mean that. I wish Fall would be a little longer - I love the apples & pumpkins and cooler weather. My DP&L bill needed a break after the hot summer that we had.

1dreamr said...

Ahhh, beautiful. I have to say, we've been really lucky this fall -- I can recall some years when, even well after the kids were back in school, it was hotter than Hades. Thru September! But,this year, since the first of September, we've had lovely cool weather with very few (HOT!) exceptions. It's been perfect!

Anonymous said...

BIG Foot is jealous...no snow to be seen in CO Springs- he's impatiently waiting...with his newly purchased ski pass!