Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Haven't Been Eaten by Bears. Yet.

Right after I wrote that post about how no one got sick at school the first two days, Declan got sick. So he was home on Friday and thus, we did not go camping. And thus, I did not have any bear encounters.

We did have a wildlife encouter though:

Even though we couldn't go camping, we did take a day trip up Mt. Evans, which boasts the highest paved road in North America. Mt. Evans is one of Colorado's 14ers.

You can see a bunch of pictures here.

Tomorrow we're trying the camping thing again. I was concerned that we didn't have bear bells. Tara said, "You don't need bear bells if you're hiking with Finn."

Too true. Too true.

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Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

Finn may end up being seriously quiet just for fun!