Monday, January 31, 2011

We Bought a Mattress

And the purchase was.....a Tempurpedic. The Cloud model to be exact.

Thank you, everyone, for your input. People are serious about their mattresses!

The buying process was sort of comical. I went to a local store near us once by myself.

Then I waited.

Because I was afraid.

My word, have you seen the price on those bad boys?

I left brochures lying strategically around the house.

I rubbed my neck a lot.

I thrashed around in bed and stole all the covers.

I short-sheeted the bed.

Just kidding. That would serve no point. Except that it would be funny. Unless I forgot and got in bed first.

Last Saturday afternoon, we were near the other mattress store in the valley. I suggested a trip just to look.

We were there for an hour and a half.

Every time I turned around, Eamonn was on a different Tempurpedic bed.

He says he didn't fall asleep, but I question that assertion.

We got a quote. We made budget. It looked grim.

And then we found out that if we bought through the website we could get three years of financing, interest free.


The bed won't be delivered for 1 - 3 weeks, which is good because I need to buy new sheets and a comforter--we're graduating to a KING!!!

My neck feels better already.


M said...

Yahoo! Sounds great...ENJOY! Let us know how your neck feels next week! -BIG Foot text em that it is going to be 1 degree and 20 MPH winds tomorrow...glad to be here in the high 50's!

in a world surrounded by men said...

Overstock.com has rocking sales on sheets and bedding. Don't be cheap with your sheets. Remember - you "wear" them every night.

See me waving from Utah? Right back at you!

Kristie said...

Blaine and I have had a King for years. I can't stand to be in anything less ...... even by myself. :)

Leeann said...

OMG you will love a king bed so much. I am not kidding!

Congrats on your new bed purchase. I want a PROMISE that you fill us in on how you like it and then give us yearly reports after that!

Julie said...

So glad you settled on the Tempurpedic. The nice thing is that your body temperature affects the mattress and makes it super comfortable over time. Hope you love it.

Professor Sepoc (Jane) said...

We've had a Tempurpedic for several years, and just be ready for it to be COLD if it's coming from a warehouse. It may take 2 or 3 days to warm up in your house. But it will be so worth it!