Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Snow

This is early. Mighty early, people. I love winter and all, but...well, it's early.

I suspected yesterday that we might get snow last night. Because basically, that's what the weather people said. Actually, I think someone in the neighborhood told me because I don't remember watching the news yeterday.

Anyway, a cold rain was falling and even at our elevation it dipped waaaaay down into the 40s, so you just KNEW something was going to be afoot at the higher elevations.

When I peeked out this morning, the clouds were right down in the valley so I was clueless. Snow or no snow?

Finally, around 3:15pm, the clouds lifted a little and I could see.

Yep. Snow.

I looked back at the pictures I take each year to mark when the first snowfall on New York Mountain occurs.

2010: September 23 (Tara's birthday!)
2009: September 20
2008: Hmmm, apparently I hadn't started marking the occasion yet

So now as I look, we're not too far off the trend. I confess I'm hoping for a very nice, long Indian Summer now. I'm not ready to wear socks.


Paige said...

I know what you mean! I've been wearing jeans this week. Bah.

The Professional Bag Lady said...

Even here on the front range - I've chosen to wear a fleece vest this morning... but I'm not going to give in completely - still wearing flip flops... at least until Oct 1st... maybe even later cuz, I'm just like that. :)

Marci said...

and you know it was like 44 here this am right? high of 60....i was just switching out my flip flops in my closet today....and i have not had to do that in three years! I miss my sandals!

1dreamr said...

Yep, early fall here in Ohio. First fire in the fireplace last night and I think that's a record. We've had nights in the 40's already. I love it, though!