Monday, September 26, 2011

Idiots on the Internet

I'm not referring to myself.

For my work I have to read the news. So I'm pretty much cruising the Internet hours each day looking for news stories that will interest my clients' readers. And I admit, that every once in awhile, I'll click on a non-client-related story because it looks interesting to me, looks crazy to me, whatever.

So a recent story I clicked was about how this man is suing White Castle because he cannot fit into their restaurant booths.

Hmmm. Really?

So I clicked and it's true.

Let's break this down: Turns out this dude has been eating White Castle hamburgers for 48 years. And he's suing because he can't fit into the booths. Now, I'm no super genius, but even I can probably draw a pretty quick scientific conclusion.

A) You ate sliders for 48 years.
B) You got fat.
C) You can no longer fit into a White Castle booth.
D) You are embarassed because you tried to get into a booth and couldn't.
E) You decided to sue.

Does this man not see that his own actions led to his problem? I'm flabbergasted.

But it gets better. In his lawsuit he discusses how he has been such a loyal customer, why doesn't Whitey's fix their booths? And better yet, he hasn't stopped eating White Castle. No, now he sends his wife out to get them and bring them home.

Call me crazy, but if you perhaps stopped, or even just cut down, eating White Castle, perhaps you COULD fit into a booth?

What has happened to common sense in this country?

No wonder we're the butt of every other country's jokes.

Good grief.


M said...

What happens when he can't fit through the door of his house?

Kristie said...

I blame the lady (and the attorney who represented her, and the judge and jury who awarded her) who sued McDonalds and won when the hot coffee she got in the drive through spilled on her legs and burned her. Um, because she didn't double check that the lid was on properly? Because she was driving like a maniac? Because it was ... oh, I don't know .... HOT? It was all downhill from there. My vote is to make people pay attorney fees for frivilous lawsuits when they sue and lose ..... their own, and the person they sued. Then make them pay a fine for wasting the time of our city and state government.

I remember when Blaine and I went to visit his brother who was living in Germany many years ago. We toured a castle and went up to the roof, where I commented that a person could easily fall off ... no fences up top, no guard rails, it would have been SO easy to lean too far over and down you go, forty or fifty feet. When I remarked that I was surprised they didn't have to put something up for liability purposes, my brother in law explained that in that country, they believed that if you were dumbass enough to lean over the edge, you probably deserved whatever happened.

Hmmmm, survival of the fittest, perhaps??? :)

Kristie said...

No, wait. I didn't mean survival of the fittest. I meant theory of natural selection .... getting my theories confused, ha!!

Anne said...

Oh. My. God. This is so wrong on all sorts of levels. You need to post a link to this story on FB.

Amber said...

Ok, the coffee lady had 3rd degree burns in her crotch. That IS lawsuit worthy in my opinion. Regardless of how/why she spilled the coffee, it was way to freaking hot if it caused burns to that severity. Sorry, we studied that case in college and it irks me when people think that case was frivolous.

As far as the guy suing White Castle? Absolutely ridiculous. Totally agree with Natalie there.

Anonymous said...

How is this any different than parents that sue McDonalds (or any fast food place) because their child is overweight? The six y/o is not selecting and purchasing this food alone?

What has this country come too?


1dreamr said...

AMEN sister!

Alisa White said...

Miss your posts!! I hope you and your family are enjoying the fall season! :)