Monday, December 1, 2008

Techno Boob

OK, I'm totally stymied. I want to upload a video of Finn singing, but it's 144 megabytes and most sites only let you upload a maximum of 100. I know I could reshoot the clip and divide it into the two songs he sang, but that sort of wrecks the spontaneity of this mornings performance when I whipped out the camera and when he was just singing away.

So how do people do it? I see longer videos uploaded all the time. Instead of using something like Photobucket or doing it directly through Blogger, do I need to upload it to YouTube and send people there to view it?

And, with all of that said, I've never actually been able to upload a video to this blog. I think. The only time I feel like I did it and worked was when I embedded a video on Finn's CaringBridge site after our trip to England last year. Remember sideways Big Ben?

All you experienced bloggers, I need you!


Leeann said...

I've uploaded videos to YouTube and then just embedded them into my blog. That is the only way that I know to do it.

Mountain Mama said...

I use OneTrueMedia.com for video clips. Quick and easy.

in a world surrounded by men said...

Ashley's right, that's a good way (copied from ME), or I've started using google video, where you can keep the video from being public (unlike youtube).

Onetruemedia is probably easier for a rookie like you. :-)

1dreamr said...

I've used YouTube (and think I've used Google Video and Photobucket, too). Once you upload your video, it provides you with the code you need to embed your video into your blog.

Now, get going - we can't wait to see Finn's performance! :-)

Anonymous said...


What you need to do is do a google search for Any_Video_Converter_Free. Download and install the executable file. Then use it to convert your recorded file to different format. There will be some video size options in the right pane. Reduce the video size before you convert it. Then, either post the converted file OR re-convert it back to the original format. Either way, the file size will be reduced.

See you at Christmas,