Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I'm so full of scalloped oysters that more photographs are the perfect thing for today. Plus, I think the tryptophan is kicking in. I'm feeling really drowsy.

As a random aside, I made my own gravy today and it actually worked. A first.


Like my new avatar? It's me peeling potatoes this morning. Declan was taking random photographs and I thought a picture of me on my blog peeling potatoes was totally appropriate since it is the room of the house where I spend the most time.

Some fall pictures from Colorado and other miscellaneous stuff.


in a world surrounded by men said...

OK, your mom told me all about this oyster dish right after we ate and I almost lost my Thanksgiving dinner right then and there! Oysters? Did the pilgrims have oysters? Takes a weird, I mean special family to have oysters on Thanksgiving. Do you have ancestors in Maine?

I like the picture. One more thing, your mom made our gravy - can I have her or be adopted please? It would be fun to have three sisters, wouldn't it?

OK - btw, thanks for the hug. I got it on Thanksgiving day!

Mountain Mama said...

Love the new pic! Stylin' hottie peeling potatoes!!

If you had oysters, then what was the gravy for?

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!