Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knowing the Backstory

I've made several good friends since moving to Colorado. I enjoy doing things with them and making new memories here. But there's something about your old friends--people you've known so long that even when you haven't seen them for ages (because maybe they move far away, like to Mexico, ahem), you sit down and practically pick up on a conversation as if you might have been having it yesterday. There's that shared history--they know your backstory and you know theirs. There's just nothing sweeter than that.

I have a few friends with whom I've been friends since, no lie, kindergarten. Wendy is one of those friends. Each year she brings a group of high school girls to the valley to take part in a lacrosse tournament. Usually her husband and kids are with her, but this year Wendy travelled solo. So we took advantage of this totally unusual situation to go out--just us girls--drink a little wine, eat a huge dinner next to Gore Creek in Vail, eat ice cream, and talk, talk, talk. Hmmm, I actually feel a little ill thinking about everything I consumed tonight. Ah, well. Tomorrow is another day.

Anyway, at the end of the evening, after strolling around Vail and gabbing for hours, I suddenly looked at Wendy and said, "Do we look 41?" Frankly, I don't know what 41 is supposed to look like, but I'm curious to know if we look it. We decided we weren't sure, but we hoped not.

We also took the opportunity to call our friend Rachael in LA and harrass her and make her jealous that she wasn't present and drinking wine with us. I think she might actually have been glad not to be taking part in our debauchery. If that's an actual word.

So I drove home pondering my good fortune in friends and giggling about some of the predicaments that made our friendships what they are today. Which is priceless.


JennyOnTheBucks said...

OK, is your friend Wendy Gallipoo? Maggie plays for Midwestern Force Lacrosse, Wendy's team. While not invited to Vail this year, isn't it a small world.

Leeann said...

I agree with you. Good friends really and truly are priceless.
I am getting together with some of my very very closest friends in mid-July for a week to celebrate my 40th. I can hardly wait. The coolest thing will be for them to meet each OTHER.
Having a few people that you can truly be your authentic self with *IS* priceless!

jean said...

Marci, don't you feel a bit guilty - she was the one that moved first!

But yes, Natalie, I know what you mean. A friend from hs is coming back to OH this month (from CO, of all places) - I haven't seen her in 3 years, but it won't make any difference. Old friends are the best kind! (But for all of you new friends, don't lose heart b/c one of these days you'll be old friends, too!)

1dreamr said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Old friendships are so precious...