Friday, June 19, 2009

The. . . Something

Over the past few weeks, while I've been working in the evening, I've seen some commercials for new TV shows that will be starting soon. (Remember the days when new shows only started in the fall?)

So, as I was sitting here, the title of one of these new shows caught my eye: The Listener. A few nights later, new ads for yet another new show: The Philanthropist.

And don't forget that we already have a show called The Mentalist. I've never seen it, but let's face it, Simon Baker isn't too hard on the old eyes.

But what's with the The shows? Is this one of those TV trends that will pass shortly?

I remember some of these from before. How about when hospital dramas were The Thing? Of course, there was my original and favorite: M*A*S*H. But then there were was a whole rash of them that seemed to start all together. Everyone must love a good drama where everyone dies. Let's not forget the other early hospital dramas like Marcus Welby, MD, and there were countless others: Trapper John, MD, St. Elsewhere, ER, Chicago Hope, Grey's Anatomy, House.

And how about police dramas? Now there's a CSI or Law and Order taking place in every city in America. I'm certain CSI: Cleveland, must be next.

There was also a whole breed of shows that were take-offs from Friends. Different people, of course, but all some configuration of guys/girls and centering around some location--a coffee house, a pizza shop, a college dorm.

Then there was this whole phase of time, very short, mind you, where every new show had Irish people in it, or people of Irish descent. Or taking place in an Irish pub in Boston or something. I never saw any and I don't remember what any were called. I don't think any of them lasted more than a few episodes. I just remember thinking, "What's with all of the Irish shows?" (Don't get me wrong--I love the Irish. In fact, I'm married to one. He says he's English, but I like to point out that he doesn't have a drop of English blood in him.)

So anyway, I just wondered where this trend is leading. The Leprechaun MD: Fargo?


Amber said...

My personal nightmare is Reality TV. I absolutely despise it! But I definitely hear you on the "trend" in television. Once a network has a hit show, the other networks have to come up with their own (and usually not so great) versions. Rather annoying!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch much television but I'd never thought of the connections you made before. You are so right , it's all more of the same. The Lep. MD Fargo might be a hit , send it to the networks!