Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The World's Longest Soccer Season

Is over. Just in time for the summer league to get geared up. Actually, I don't think Declan is going to play though so we have a little break.

This past weekend marked the end of our epic season. At least it seemed epic to me.

We went to a huge tournament in Denver hosted by the Colorado Storm, a gigantic soccer conglomerate. Seriously. And Storm was a very apt name if you live in Colorado these days. Poor Denver has had tornadoes touch down every day for the last nine days. In fact, the boys were really nervous about going to Denver because the tornadoes have been all over the news. I assured them that having grown up in Ohio, I knew what to do in the event of a tornado and we'd be just fine. And we were. The Sunday afternoon games were delayed while some storms rolled through, but we didn't see any funnel clouds or tornadoes. Just some big lightening.

The tournament was actually quite fun. We all stayed at the same hotel so there was a lot of swimming, spending time in each others' rooms watching inappropriate movies (we caught the kids trying to watch The Dark Knight. Twice.), and eating pizza and ice cream.

A few of the moms even made a field trip to Nordstrom where we laughed at all of the footwear that is so fashionable for the rest of the world, but totally impractical for mountain living.

Some pics of our weekend:

Pregame huddle.

Our Eagle Talons U10 team

Celebrating after the game with some ice cream. See that blue stuff in Declan's cone? It's called cotton candy. Nasty. Declan ate it two days in a row. . .and then freaked out when he saw what happens when blue ice cream exits your body. He vowed never to eat blue ice cream again.

These pictures are after our Saturday games. They won both games, but I think they were more excited about eating ice cream and then going back to the hotel, swimming and eating pizza.

And then something exciting happened. The boys had won three of their games, and then lost one heartbreaker on Sunday morning. (And here I'll show my sore loser stripes. The score in this game we lost was 3 - 2. This Denver team was really, really good, but we beat ourselves by scoring on ourselves once, and then the ref made a hideous handball call which caused a penalty kick. So they actually only scored once. But it's over now and I will speak of it no more.) Anyway, after our final game, our coaches and parents were handing out tournament pins and cheering the players when. . .

. . .a tournament official drove up and awarded the boys with a runner up trophy and medals.

Needless to say, they were ecstatic.

Our international coaching staff: Eamonn (England), Wolfgang (Germany), Patrick (France)


Cindi said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. It was really nice that even though you lost the "big" one, you still got a trophy and medals.

The sky looked a little like it might turn into something in the background. Yes, in Ohio, we know what to do when bad weather hits. It's only drilled into us from the day we're born!

Marci said...

I have to say I never thought the day would come that you would discus futbol (soccer) so intelligently and passionately! Again, yet another reason why I love you--now do we get to go to sports events together?

Kristie said...

Congrats to the team!! Although holy cow, did you see how dark the sky was in the background???

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jean said...

A few comments...

First of all, congrats on enduring the never-ending season!

Second, what's up with Eammon and his Aussie-looking hat? (don't tell him I called it that!)

And third, did you notice how dark the sky is in the pictures where the kids/team are holding the trophy? Made me think of a lightning road...

Off topic: Did you hear that I was a topic of conversation at Grandpa's bday party? I'll e-mail you later, or you can ask your mom or Aunt Kathy. FAMILY...

Leeann said...

COngratulations to Declan, Eamonn and the other International Coaches and the whole team on a season well played!

And IKWYM! Chris's baseball season is due to end this week. About time, i say!

Mountain Mama said...

Nordstrom's? What's that? hee hee

sportzmom said...

Soccer tournaments are the best! Great finish and nice trophy! Hope you all are having a relaxing summer!