Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Got Nothin'

I cannot think of a single thing to blog about. This happens from time to time.

I haven't downloaded pictures from Karen & Neil's visit, so I can't write about that, which is too bad because we saw some really scenic things.

It is so hot. I could blog about that except then you'd all write in the guestbook about how long it took for summer to get here and what am I whining about? I am glad summer is here--I just hate these few really hot weather weeks we get. I'm really more of a 70 degree person. I'm not sure where the temps are 70 degrees in the summer all the time. Northern Canada? Norway? Finland?

Mostly I've been doing housework in anticipation of the frenzy this coming week will be. I will have five hours to myself on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during which I must produce an entire magazine for one client while keeping up with standard weekly work for another client.

Have I ever written that I can't work when I know the house is dirty? It's a strange affliction, and yet, there it is. I also have to clean the house before we can ever leave for a trip. One time I stayed up cleaning until 2am before a trip to England. Madness. I also can't leave the house to go anywhere in the mornings without doing the dishes and making beds. I have made myself late for meetings because I refused to leave a dish in the sink.

That sounds a little OCD.

Anyway, since I know I have to concentrate so thoroughly on those three days next week and I can't risk any random moments stopping to clean the toilets, it has to be done now. Same goes for laundry, the kitchen sink, and vacuuming. But not dusting. I can work amidst the dust for some reason. I don't have OCD afterall. Whew.


Anonymous said...

...I on the other hand have a lot to blog but cannot...shame huh?! Everytime something funny happens...like my daughter feeding the dead fish and not even realizing it- I log it into my failing memory and hope to remember it to blog again someday.

Happy end of July- it's hot here too!

1dreamr said...

An entire magazine??!!!

jean said...

You were going to blog about the time that Grandpa almost died in the barn, after getting your dad's side of the story - but that's WAY too involved for this week...

And doesn't OCD usually involve only ONE thing? So you could be OCD and still be able to work in a dusty house... :-)

How many pages is the magazine? do you have your template set up? Will go a lot more quickly if you do.

Have a good week - and don't bring any hot weather to OH w/you. The high on Saturday was in the 60s!!

Mountain Mama said...

I have missed you. Not b/c your lack of blogging but MINE! We have been very busy with Big Canyon and life.

Anyways, I had a few minutes to get caught up on what is happening in your world. You DO crack me up! Always fun to read to your posts.

Hillary said...


Right now, as I type, it is 73 degrees in Cincinnati, Ohio and it's July..and this is the third day in Cincinnati that it hasn't made it to 80. So, it happens! :)


Random said...

Sure, we have seventy-degree summers up in northern Canada. (Though you'd have to be sure you were somewhere near the coast.) I think the only problem is that they come with minus-fifty-degree winters...