Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Family Ate Pie for Breakfast Yesterday

But it was the Fourth of July, after all. And as a result, two of them were crowned the local pie eating champions. One is easy to guess. You can probably even guess what kind of pie he ate.

Action shot:

That's Charlie practically doing push ups while eating his pie. I think he expended too much energy doing the push ups instead of eating. And then there was Dr. Ed--what a good sport, but I don't think his heart was in it. There was a guy to my right as I was taking pictures. His little girl kept coming in to wipe his face with a diaper wipe. He might have beat Eamonn if not for the wiping.

When Declan's age group ate, I think he was a little overwhelmed by the size of his pie. He had peach. Lots of chewing there.

Finn lucked out. The little kids got mini pies. And they were cream pies--no chewing involved. They could also pick them up with their hands. They just couldn't eat with their hands.

And the result. . .

Two pie-eating champions in one house. I don't know how we'll handle the fame and glory. Apparently it pays to rush out of the house at 8am for the Fourth of July festivities and not eat breakfast.

Charlie said he ate a banana beforehand. It was his undoing.

In my defense, I thought we were going for the bike parade and coming straight home. I didn't realize what all was happening.

Bike parade:

Cool old fire engine leading bike parade:

Sack races:

Of course, the pie eating.

And then the fire truck hosed down all the kids. And a few of the adults who were still a little sticky from the pie eating.


Anonymous said...

Did Dad have a sugar high or just the kids?

Leeann said...

What a totally fun day! I love it! Very small town Americana!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm pie! Good thing it wasn't the hot dog eating contest like Joey Chestnut...68?! Good God where does he put those?! Congrats on 2 winners!!


Beth said...

Oh man! How come you get to have all the fun? It's amazing that they had all those organic pies ;)

Lots o' fun!