Monday, July 13, 2009

You Catch More Flies. . .

. . .with honey than vinegar. Is that how the saying goes?

If it's true, I'll have to settle for being flyless.

On Saturday evening, our internet connection went down. It didn't come back up until this morning.

I was annoyed.

I repeatedly called the phone company to complain in what I'm sure was an annoying and impatient fashion. But they were rude and unsympathetic, so I felt justified.

Have I explained that in this small town, there is one phone company? One phone company supplying internet access? We were an entire town without internet access for 36 hours.

I was annoyed.

I'm going to call for a credit since I couldn't work for 36 hours. I feel that is an unreasonable length of time in this high tech era. My theory is that since the outage happened on a weekend, no one wanted to come in and fix it.

Apparently all of the self-employed people in my town felt annoyed as well because before anyone realized it was a town-wide outage, everyone was scurrying around to Starbucks and the library to use their Wi-Fi. Guess what? No luck.

Every time I called, a snippy customer service rep told me, "That problem has been resolved." Hmmm. Really? Because I have several hundred people in my neighborhood who are willing to call you and say otherwise.

I'm still bitter. And annoyed. Not much honey has come out of my mouth during the last 36 hours.


in a world surrounded by men said...

Wow. We've got some passion coming from the Rooney residence.

Does living organic affect your temper?

Erin just told me that you sisters never had a cavity! What's that about? What's the secret?

Kristie said...

I could probably have handled being internet-less for 36 hours if I thought I was getting even a smidge of sincere sympathy and genuine effort from the phone company. But you're right .... it's the snotty customer service attitudes that do me in every time. Glad you are back up and running!

Laura said...

Oh no! I think you are talking about the company I work for. I hate that this happened. We are better than this. I will look into some things.

The Professional Bag Lady said...

Natalie, I can empathize. Customer Service is NOT what it was when I was growing up. Now you have people on the other end of the line(or counter)who are probably half your age and have work ethic of a tick - they will bleed you dry and then fall off and waddle home without a care.

Do you remember the old phrase - "The customer is always right"... it has no meaning these days... sadly we are at the mercy of these little ticks and the companies that hire them.

Wish it was different - but without competition (most especially in small towns)... we are left with the lowest of the low and slowest of the slow...

Lucinda said...

When I was in high school, all of West Mansfield lost its cable access. My dad called them every 10 minutes until it was fixed...in about 2 hours. Sometimes not being subtle pays off.

Leeann said...

That is annoying and you SHOULD get credit. You should be prorated for the days you are charged for a service that they did not provide.