Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Germ Warfare

The germs are circling. And landing.

I'm trying to think if both boys have been in school a full week yet. It seems that someone is always here fevered, sniffling, sneezing, hacking up a lung, or camped out in the bathroom with some scary gastrointestinal ailment. No H1N1,thank goodness, but I'm nervous. Very nervous.

And so yesterday and today, I am blessed with the presence of not one, but two little people who are apparently sick of being cooped up at home (but not well enough to go back to school) and are driving each other (and me) slightly batty.

Actually, Declan is the only one with a legitimate "you're so sick you're staying home" illness. I pulled Finn from school for most of this week becasue that school is a cesspool right now. Out of 21 kids, only 7 were in Finn's class on Monday. Eight on Tuesday. I can't risk him getting sick because we go to Denver for Finn to take an asthma test tomorrow. If he's sick, they won't test him, which makes sense, but I want to get this done and over with and get some answers before the germs get any worse.

I think we're already over our sick days quota for the year. I should be getting a form letter from the district any day now.

Now, I must run and pack up all of our snow clothes for our journey down the mountain. I wonder where I left my long underwear?


Anonymous said...

If they are hacking up a lung at night and unable to sleep put a heavy coating of Vick's vapor rub on the soles of their feet and then put socks on. They should sleep thru the night...I tell people this all the time and it really does work.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


1dreamr said...

Hang in there....tons of cooties on this side of the country, too. Everyone seems to have something! Have a safe trip to Denver and good luck w/ the tests.

(Interesting comment from Teri about Vick's on the feet! My mom always swore by it on the chest, covered with a warm towel. Feet, though? I'll definitely try that - I think the stuff is magic!)

Anne Kimnach said...

I have been a maniac with hand sanitizer, lysol wipes, bleach, etc. and what does Will pick up at preschool? Ringworm. Better than H1N1 any day, but how random is ringworm? I was about to start boiling the sheets, but the pediatrician assured me that there is no actual worm. Good news.

Amber said...

Unfortunately, there are 2 students at my kids school with H1N1. Germs are scary!

Leeann said...

Dude, I am so sorry your kids are having such a rough time with illness. I hope it all passes soon and that you get to go through the whole winter with no more germs!

Hang tough!