Monday, October 19, 2009

An Outlet for my Frustration

The other night I was annoyed because there wasn't an Internet access port in the bathroom. This amused me for several reasons.

But before I go into them, don't get all grossed out and wonder why in the world I would want to access the Internet while I was in the bathroom. I wasn't trying to be in THE bathroom, you know, like on the toilet. No, I wanted to be able to soak in the bathtub and "watch TV" on my computer. Is that weird? Maybe that's too much information, but I do like to soak in the tub and read. And then last winter I would sometimes soak and watch DVDs (I was pretty prune-y by the end).

So as someone who still records television shows on a VCR, I realized it's impossible to watch tapes while soaking in the tub. Unless I had Eamonn carry a TV and VCR into the bathroom (not THE bathroom, remember). But I don't see him doing that unless weapons and coercion are involved.

Anyway, since so much TV is now available online, I figured I'd soak and watch. Our house is one of those newfangled ones where it's all prewired for Internet access with ports in every room. Except, apparently, the bathroom. We do have wireless, but it's in the basement and the signal isn't the strongest on the second floor to even get e-mail, let alone stream a TV show. So I knew I needed to actually plug into the wall. But I couldn't. So that idea was out the window. Or down the drain, if you will.

But the reason I was cracking myself up is because really, who do I think I am that I need Internet access in the bathroom of all places? The house I grew up didn't even have OUTLETS in the bathroom. No lie. We had to dry our hair out in our bedrooms---using the ONE OUTLET in that room. A room with one outlet. We had so many of those thingys that you could plug into an outlet that made it so you could then plug in like 12 other electrical appliances at the same time. I'm not sure how we never burned the house down, frankly. We didn't have electricity in the bathroom until my mom had it remodeled in the early 90s. After we'd all left home (sort of).

When Eamonn and I built our house in Ohio in the late 90s, he strategically placed electrical outlets all over the place--such a luxury. And now I'm complaining because I can't access the Internet from the bathtub.

Technological ingrate.


Kristie said...

Blaine used to have a CAC (sp?) card for his work laptop which meant it operated via cell phone towers, which meant I could use his laptop while riding in a car down the highway. Now I get cranky that I'm "limited" to places (like my own house!) that have wireless routers. :)

Anne Kimnach said...

I am so happy to hear we're not the only ones that still record TV on our VCR. My friend Tracy says we're one of five households in the country that doesn't have DVR. Life on one income, baby.

Lucinda said...

The hotel where we spent part of our honeymoon had a TV in it...talk about fascinated! I'm kind of glad I can't do that now. I'd never leave the bathroom! Isn't it strange what we find amusing?