Friday, May 21, 2010

Hair Update

When are you going to cut your hair? It's the number one question people who knew me with short hair ask. No one out here ever asks me that because they've only ever known me with long hair. But the people from my short hair past want to know.

While the original intent was to grow my hair for Locks of Love--and I do still want to donate it--the long hair has actually become a necessity. When I wear my hair short, like I have for my entire life, my hair grows really quickly. I used to get my hair cut every 5 - 6 weeks. And I was dismayed to discover that hair cuts out here are nearly twice what they were in Ohio. So I refer to my long hair as my Recession 'Do.

Last October I was certain I was to the Locks of Love cutting point (10 inches). I went in to see Nick, my hair guru, and he talked me out of cutting it. Which I was OK with. Long hair is really easy during ski season--you just throw it in a ponytail, let it flop out the back of your helmet, and you're good to go.

So when I got to the salon last October, Nick said, "You spent all this time growing it, why don't you enjoy it for awhile? Come in when you're really sick of it and then we'll cut it." He did cut a few inches off and shaped it up. It looked really cute--when he styled it. I was never able to replicate The Look. Of course.

All winter I had this thought that I'd cut it in May. And I was slowly getting sick of my hair. We had plans to be in Ohio and Virginia during the summer and all I could think about was all of this hot hair clinging to my neck in the humid summer weather in the east (I wasn't so worried about it in our six week summer out here!). It just sounded gross and I decided I didn't want to spend another summer with long hair.

I made an appointment this past Tuesday to consult with Nick about what my new look would be. What would he suggest? A short bob? Something layered? Nick has curly hair himself and he's the best stylist of curly hair I've ever been to, so I was excited to see what his vision was. I was ready for a short, fun style.

I washed and really spent time on my hair that morning because when I go in, Nick likes to see how the customer styles it so he can get a feel for how it looks. Plus, since it was just a consultation, he wouldn't be washing it. And of course, as anyone's hair does on the day you're going to the salon, it looked awesome. Not the annoying hair I'd been wanting to chop off for weeks. It was super curly with some good wispy pieces around my face. What the heck? My hair is betraying me.

So I get to the salon and Nick remarks that he has never seen my hair look better. What? He still doesn't want to cut it. He tells me it looks organic, which I think might be code for messy and crazy and he's just afraid to say it to my face. And apparently organic is in. For once in my life I might have in hair. I totally don't get it. We are talking hundreds of dollars out of his pocket because he thinks I should wear my hair long.

This explains why my hair is, after three years, still long. Nick is going to lop off a few inches and give it some style next week, but I'm still sporting a mane. Just in case you were wondering when I was going to cut it. My new answer is: when the economy improves and when Nick lets me. He's pretty much in charge.


in a world surrounded by men said...

You go for a consult prior to a haircut?????

I don't even speak that language.

sheila said...

Hair is such a dilemma. Mine is curly like yours and over the last couple of years, I have gotten cut a little shorter each time. It's great in the morning,only 5 minutes to fix it. Yesterday was kind of humid and we were working outside, and I sure wished it was long so I could put it in a pony! Curly also not good for wearing motorcycle helmets. It just gets flat. I refuse to ride anywhere that I need to look ok or where I will know people! Good luck with the hair Natalie!

Cate said...

Yep, curly hair too. I have no control over it. I'm at the mercy of the stylist, but I will say I have beautiful hair. I hate it, but I have beautiful hair.

Mountain Mama said...

I believe a picture of these long locks would be NICE! You go on and on about your beautiful curly hair and then no pic! You are killing ME!

Leeann said...

Mountain Mama (the commenter above me) just said exactly what I was coming on to say..
To write a post like this, about your hair, and not post an accompanying picture is a TRAVESTY!!

I demand a picture!

1dreamr said...

Hey, Nick's the boss!! :-)

I've been letting mine grow, mostly because I've been too busy to get in there... but, the $ savings is nice, too! I'm just getting to the point where I can clip it up off my neck, which is great for summer. I made an appointment for Jun 1, but right now I have no idea what I want done!

Lisa said...

I have been letting my hair grow for the past year. Somehow, somewhere, I heard that we, Moms in our 40's, were supposed to have our hair at a respectable length. So, I have been sporting a short hair cut the past several years. The problem? My hair is curly as well and when it is short I have NO options. I have to style it. With the hot humid weather in the summer, my hair becomes frizzy and fuzzy and all around ugly! I vote for long for the following reasons: pony tails, stays clean longer and styling optional. Good luck with your long do, Nat! Hope to see you this summer in O-H-I-O!