Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pink Eye. Awesome.

We almost made it, people. Almost. We almost made it to the end of the school year (June 3) with no one else coming down with some sort of contagion. And then I got a phone call last week that Declan's friend, who sits next to him in class, has pink eye.

I waited.

Declan never got it.

But Finn did.

From the kid who sits next to him.

Fortunately, I was ready with drops AND a homeopathic remedy. I was taking no chances.

Finn: Will I be going to school tomorrow?

Me: Yes.

Declan: Aren't you supposed to stay home when you get pink eye?

Me: Yes.

Finn: But I'm going to school?

Me: Yes.

Because seriously, it's the last few days of school. Clearly everyone else has had it and given it to my kids, yet again. And I am annoyed. In fact, when I went over to school to give Finn the drops this morning (you've got to hit them 6 times in the first 24 hours), the kid who sits next to Finn said, "Hey, I've got a pink eye, too!"

Yes, I know, I heard.

And then I lectured him about handwashing.

Because I'm fun like that.

About the hair: I WILL post pictures, after Nick does his thing to it on June 7. I won't subject you to how I look on a daily basis--it's the "I just worked out and haven't had time to shower" look. No one needs to see that. Except the other parents picking up their kids after school.


Missy said...

Ok, fess up. We want the homeopathic remedy for pink eye. What are you using & (I'm assuming) you feel that it works? My husband actually gets it from time to time - he's far worse than the kids (men!).

Natalie said...

Missy, not sure if you'll see this here, but the homeopathic remedy I use is Euphrasia and it's specifically for pink eye! Last year when Finn had it and I didn't have drops yet, I started on the Euphrasia and I noticed improvement. BUT, I still had to do the drops to be "legal" for school. If it had been summertime, I would have kept up with the Euphrasia only to see what happened, but dang it, I wanted him back in school! And of course, my kids never get pink eye in the summer so I haven't tested it yet.

I was worried that I was getting pink eye myself last year when Finn had it, so I treated with Euphrasia. Something was definitely happening--I could feel it burning (you know how you get the symptoms if you don't have something and you take that remedy? So chances are I didn't actually have it--but there was definitely a reaction).

Anyway, if you ever try the Euphrasia only, let me know how it goes.


Leeann said...

Only a few more days to go and then your kids will be free of the germ factory!


Missy said...

Thanks Natalie :) I am going to look for Euphrasia when I hit the health food store tomorrow. I think at the very least it would be good to have on hand just in case. My husband gets a slight itch/tickle in his eye and it's Katy bar the door, we're in full blown I-have-pink-eye-oh-no-I-can't-function-panic mode, even when it turns out to be nothing.

Watch, now that I've typed this, we're all going to get some virulent nastiness. One week of school to go...

Beth said...

I woulda sent him to school too! And I'm glad I'll get to (hopefully) see you and your (long) hair in person!