Monday, June 7, 2010

Nick's Hair

Today I got my hair cut. Not short, like I had originally planned, but Nick, my hair guru, cut some layers into it and, of course, styled it like I never can. So check me out now because my hair won't look like this again until I see Nick again. In like six months.

Some of you wanted to what it looks like. OK, maybe one person said that.


I feel totally silly sitting here and having pictures taken of myself.

The back view.

From the side. Tara was totally cracking me up, making modeling comments a la Austin Powers.

Wishing for a chin and nose job about now.

This is the first photo we took. It didn't come out exactly like planned. Tara's dog is licking my toes. It tickles.

I wore it down all day. I hope Nick is pleased. Even when I ate, I didn't put it up. I did get some hair near the danger zone of my mouth while I was trying to eat my salad for lunch, but it all worked out OK with a little behind the ear tucking.

But then it was time to make dinner. It was about 95 degrees. I did this:

Don't hate me, Nick.


1dreamr said...

It looks adorable! I love your curls!

Mommy, I'm Home said...

It's great! Love the curly hair. I have straight, straight, straight hair; and would kill for curls that didn't involve a perm or curling iron.

Anne said...

This is the best b-day present EVER! :)

Kristie said...

Love it! You are a supermodel!! :)

Kathleen said...

You don't know how jealous I am of your curls. I always wanted to have curls like yours. Oops come to think of it, I once did have them and want them back. Love the hair, like always you look adorable, but I might be baised.

Love you

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks wonderful! I wish I had hair like that.

Postcard Cindy

Leeann said...

Look at you, pretty girl! I like it both up and down.
And I love that you embrace the curl!

Lisa said...


I love, love, love your new do! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Lucinda said...

With the various poses, you look like a page out of the books of hairstyles they have at salons!

It looks beautiful! (So do you!)

sportzmom said...


Alisa White said...

You have GORGEOUS curls!!!

Beth said...

Love it! You have spunk coming out of your eyes, smile and every strand of that gorgeous curly hair. (That's a good thing, btw)

Joanne said...

Well, Miss Goldilocks it looks great on you! And enough left to pull it back when the weather heasts up!