Thursday, June 17, 2010

Santa Fe--The Trip in Pictures

Tonight Tara e-mailed me and she said she was sorry our Santa Fe trip was over. We had spent so long talking about it and looking forward to it. And isn't that always the way? For me, the anticipation and planning for a trip is practically the best part--the thinking about what might be.

But I needed to get home. I was tired of eating out.

I can't believe I said that. But it's true. I love schedules and consistency and I needed to stop eating so much chips and salsa.

I'm having trouble dialing it back.

Anyway, this trip was to celebrate my Mom's 70th birthday, which was all the way back in April. When my Dad turned 70, we went to Yellowstone with husbands, kids--the whole kit and kaboodle. We were there in early June '07. I think that was before I was blogging here and was still on CaringBridge. That seems like it was a million years ago.

It snowed in Yellowstone when we were there. And it was a blast. But my Mother is neither a snow-lover nor a camper, so for her trip, we had to be a little more highbrow. Hence, Santa Fe, girls only, a B&B.

It was divine. Very relaxed. Eating, strolling through Santa Fe, shopping, site-seeting. Picnics in the square. English period drama and popcorn at night. Backrubs. Pedicures. Someone making breakfast for us every morning. A breakfast which I did not have to clean up afterwards. That's a vacation right there, people. I estimate I spend a third of my waking hours in the kitchen.

You can see all of the fun HERE.

Now if I could just get my stomach out of vacation mode, I'd be all set.


Julie said...

Didn't you go to Yellowstone in June 2008? I thought it was just a few weeks before we went, (but we didn't have to deal with the snow)

Natalie said...

Julie, you're totally right. It was 2008. It's all running together in my old age!