Sunday, June 20, 2010

Red One!

UGH! I'm so annoyed at Volkswagon. Now, I drive a VW that has about 182,000 miles on it, and I love my car, but VW's most recent ad campaign--the whole Punch Dub days thing--has created an intolerable situation.

Remember the Slug Bug game where you'd see a VW Bug, slug someone in the arm and say, "Slug bug red!" Or whatever. It was just with the VW Bug. No other model. Until this newest ad campaign. And now the kids are shrieking out, "Green one! Blue one!" For every. Single. VW car they see. I told them that's not how it's done, but no one is listening.

I'm so sick of it. And I blame VW.

And even though it's not VW's fault, my kids also scream out when they see:

-Swift trucks. This involves clapping their hands, hitting the roof of the car and screaming SWIFT! In fact, it scared me so bad twice when they did it, I had to ban that one.
-Prius. This was before the whole VW fiasco and there are a lot more Priuses around than VW Bugs so they got to yell something more often. Great.

And now, the latest: Beep, I see a Jeep. WTF? Where did THAT come from? There are WAY too many Jeeps out here for that to be tolerated. I'm putting a stop to it. Now.

The Fun Miser. Out to ruin summer for my children. That's me.


Leeann said...

A ahahahahaha!!

We love the Punch buggy game here. We've been playing it for years. Not a single day goes by that someone (often me!) is calling a punchbuggy. Hate to tell you but we've ALWAYS called all colors- I've never heard only red before. But in our house you have to call it accurately- if it is a convertible you have to say "blue punchbuggy convertible!" :-)

I've never heard of the other car games tho- and it is just as well. :-)

Kristie said...

My 10 yr old daughter's best friend just returned from a long vacation with her family .... when she came back, she was telling my daughter about this game they invented, "The punchbuggy game" where you call out when you see a volkswagon .......... I just had to laugh.

sportzmom said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

I love the last paragraph! I am with you! (only I nixed the coed sleepover for the 17 year old-ruining his life I am!)

Anonymous said...

My kids do the Bang Bang Mustang thing. HATE it!!

Julie said...

We changed the game to Hug-a-Bug. Whenever someone sees a VW Bug, they call out Hug-A-Bug and gets to give a gentle leg squeeze. My hubby and I played it long before kids came around.