Thursday, December 9, 2010

I've Got Christmas Spirit--Yes, I Do!

Remember last year, after the holidays, when I said I was going to start celebrating Christmas right after Halloween this year so I wasn't so frazzled and would have more time to enjoy it?

At least I think I said that. If I didn't say it, I thought it.

Anyway, I'm totally on track. For a change.

I wanted to see if I could have a non-frazzled holiday season, and so far, so good. We got out the Christmas decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving, which I have long made fun of Marci for doing. I am now one of THOSE people who decorates for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Yet another reminder to never say never.

In the end, the early decorating worked out fine, even though it stretched over about five days because we were in the middle of a hockey tournament that weekend.

Eamonn surprised us by hanging outside lights while we were in Utah. And we got our tree last weekend and decorated it on my birthday (which I totally remember doing when I was younger).

I haven't done any baking and I realized I'm a little behind on my gift buying, but I find myself unflapped by it all this year. I. Will. Not. Panic. and ruin my Christmas Spirit.

Yesterday, I was in the post office (that did almost flap me--we have the worst post office in the world here) and I heard two women talking about how frazzled they were already this holiday season. And it really reaffirmed my resolve to Keep It Simple. To focus on what's important to me, which is being at home, slowing down, enjoying this time.

Besides, I just wrote an article for a client about trying to help kids focus on traditions and giving, so that helped.

This morning, Declan was so tired he could hardly keep his eyes open. He was crabby. In my normal mode I would tell him to snap out of it. Remind him that he chooses to do hockey and that means a few late nights a week and we would be going to bed at 7:00pm tonight if he didn't shape up. Instead, I put on my Nice Mom Hat (I had to dig around for it. Clearly, I hadn't worn it in awhile.) and said I was planning something special for after school. As a result, he went out the door with a smile and an air of anticipation.

I am Super Christmas Mom.

For 3.2 seconds anyway.

So the something special was an afternoon just for us. No friends over, no sports practices, no electronics (me included!). Instead, we had some hot chocolate, a fire in the fireplace, Christmas music playing, and Hannah's Reindeer cookies:

How cute are these?

And then I made them watch two hours of Little House on the Prairie Christmas episodes.

Just kidding.


Now if you'll excuse me, I need to finish listening to my English murder mystery on my iPod. And if that thought doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will.


Leeann said...

You are awesome and so smart.

I started trying to make time for Christmas early too, for the same reasons. It used to bother me when people made fun but quite frankly, I get the last laugh when they are running around like nuts!

I wanna make those cookies!

Elizabeth said...

whoa, great job! I can't get over Finn's hair. He has more than I do!

1dreamr said...

You have the right idea!

Marci said...

HEY NOW!! don't rag on me for early Xmas decorations--it is clearly the way to go! (See, i told you so!) in ohio i started the weekend before thanksgiving so i could be done right after thanksgiving, and then i can enjoy Xmas without all that stuff. You would die here...most people put up their stuff about Nov 1st!!! I waited to the 15th--super early for the states, late for here!