Sunday, December 5, 2010

Looking for Bear Grylls

We didn't find him, in case you were wondering, which is too bad because he's kind of cute and rugged and all that and I fully expected him to be wondering around in the wild.

But, we did find a pretty darn good Christmas tree out in the wild.

We're pretty sure this is one of the trees we eyeballed last year and determined it wasn't big enough. This year, it passed muster. I'm sure it was thrilled.

Come on, boys! Put your back into it! This is why we had kids. Child labor.

Giving new meaning to the word TIMBER!

There was a lot of snow out there. A Lot. Which was kind of surprising because there was barely any snow at our house. In fact, we tried to drive to where we got our tree last year, to no avail. Too much snow.

We hiked through snow that ranged from barely ground cover to thigh deep. It was a pretty good workout. Especially the part where I watched Eamonn drag the tree about a mile and a half back to the car. It was exhausting to watch.

For some reason, the snow never looks as deep in photos. I swear, it was really deep. Like, I couldn't walk very well deep.

This is where we parked last year. We couldn't even get close to driving in this far this year.

Eamonn, forever our Sherpa, was hauling the tree back to the car, and more than once I saw him suddenly drop several feet into some sort of deep snow situation. That was kind of exciting. He's kind of cute and rugged when he's hauling a tree.

Again, it doesn't translate well to pictures. Half his body vanished, people, I'm telling you.

Enjoying some hot chocolate back at the car.


1dreamr said...

I'm exhausted just watching!! :-)

Alisa White said...

What a wonderful Christmas tradition your boys will look back on!!

M said...

WoW...we toughed it too...we drove to 3 lots and had to choose one...it was tough...no snow but the threat of rain loomed...then we had to have a kid who went to school with BIG Foot trim the bottom and put it on top of our car...and tie it down so we could drive a mile and a half home.

Your adventure looks so fun! My kid isn't goign to want to come home for the holidays with all that snow :)