Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shaving: Round One

Because hockey playoffs are this coming weekend and that coincides with our favorite charitable event, St. Baldrick's Day, it was necessary to do a little early shaving around here...

Shavee No. 1: Declan

Up in the chair and ready to go. We had the shaving at the rink after practice last night.

Basically, all of the players whose teams qualified for playoffs could opt to shave early.

I think he's adorable bald...all those freckles...I wonder if I can still call him adorable?

Before we arrived at the rink, we were a little worried. Only a few players were pre-registered.

We shouldn't have worried. Good luck this weekend, boys!

Wow, boys. Way to go! To them, it's tons of fun. I hope they know how much good they're doing while they're having fun.

Money is still coming in. A huge THANK YOU to everyone!


Lisa said...

As the mom of a cancer kid survivor, that bottom photo warms my heart. Way to go, guys.

FTR, my CK daughter is now 16 and has long, beautiful blond hair, which she's understandably not willing to part with at the moment (she does other cancer fundraisers though).

Good luck with your tournament! You'll certainly have good karma on your side.:)

1dreamr said...

That's fantastic. Seeing the kids in that picture - very heartwarming.

Good luck with the tournament!