Friday, March 11, 2011

Shaving: Round Two

Yesterday we went on the local TV station and Eamonn and the boys shaved on live TV.

Before you go thinking we were on the Today Show or something like that, I should clarify that the local station is owned by the ski resort, so there were probably about 10 people watching. Maybe.

Anyway, if you'd like to check out the segment, you can do so HERE. You can even see our local weather forecast sandwiched between our two shaving segments.

Here are a few pictures of us on air:

That is a serious mop top!


Elizabeth said...

This is fantastic! Your boys have a LOT of hair.

M said...

Are you next? Going bald is an experience you should not miss out on in life!

Lisa said...


jean said...

The video was a little dark, so I'm glad you posted the pictures. In the video, it looked like you had cut your hair!

Had Finn really not cut his hair since last March?! You posted on FB that you were worried about his tv interview based on some test interview questions; I'm guessing that he did better on tv than you thought (a man of few words!).

1dreamr said...

1. I can't get over how grown up both boys look!

2. Declan did such a great job speaking! You have to be so proud!

3. $93 MILLION... How totally amazing!

4. Finn- man of many words... :-)

5. Natalie... YOU JUST ROCK! Not sure how you got through that. I personally am sitting here crying just after *watching* it!