Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Last Time

Today was Declan's last day of elementary school. And the last time the boys will be at the same school...until they're in high school.

I got up at a ridiculously early hour to get my workout and shower in before making chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.

I think I actually feel asleep standing up during the all-school slide show at 2pm.

I have spent nearly every day of the last 10 days at school. Plays. Music concerts. Class parties. Park trips. Pool trips.

Today, for example, started at 8:15am with class plays. At 10am there was a "continuation" ceremony and celebration. Then on to the park for a picnic. I delivered ice cream sandwiches. Back to school. Clapped the 5th graders into the gym. Then the epic slideshow.

It won't ever be like this again.

I think I might be a little relieved.

Check him out: Middle schooler

And maybe just a little bit sad.


Kristie said...

I'm glad at least you and I can commiserate, as Kendrie and Declan continue, despite all the warnings and threats I have given, to continue GROWING UP and GETTING OLDER and quite frankly, I'm not too happy about this whole upcoming middle school thing!

1dreamr said...

Time goes so fast...