Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Customer Service. Sort of.

So today was my last day at ski school for the season. I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like a lot of idiots waited until the last week to come on a ski vacation. Last year, that wasn't a problem -- we had a record snowfall year. This year, snow is in short supply. We haven't skiied since early March!

Anyway, because business this last week is so slow, I was the only person working in the lobby to greet customers and help them with their paperwork before their kids can sign up for lessons. It was no problem to help the few customers that came in today.

Well, it was no problem until some dude came in at 9:25am in a snit because his kids' lesson group was still waiting to leave.

Man: My kids have been standing out there for nearly an hour. Why are they still standing there? I was told to be here at 8:45am! When are they going to go?

Me: I'm not sure. You could ask an instructor if there is a problem.

Man: I don't want to ask an instructor. I'm asking you.

Me: Well, as you can see, I'm working inside here and I can't really tell what is going on out there. And I'm curious, who told you to be here at 8:45am? (The normal arrival time is 9 - 9:15am)

Man: I think you told me to be here at 8:45am.

Now, I could have just shut up and not said anything, but this was completely false. First, I waited on maybe five families this morning. This man and his family were not any of them. I had never seen this dude before in my life. Plus, after four seasons at ski school, I think I've got the arrival times down.

Me: I can assure you, there is no way I told you to be here at 8:45am unless you booked a semi-private lesson. Did you book a semi-private lesson?

Man: No.

Me: OK, well you can ask a supervisor what the hold up is. I really don't know why the lessons haven't left yet, but I can assure you that no one, including me, here told you to arrive at 8:45am.

Really, I try to have good customer service even when the customer is totally in the wrong. But sometimes I need to point out they are jackasses. Today was that day for me, and for him.


Anne said...

Good for you! I try to go by the "catch more bees with honey..." philosophy, but sometimes, you gotta put the peeps in their place. BTW, you should apply for a job at Disney...been dealing with their customer service peeps and those guys know what they're doing!

M said...

Ha! Good for you! Sure wish I could do that!

Happy Homemaker UK said...

Pointing out that he's a jerk was still providing a service for him. Maybe he didn't know :)