Thursday, April 26, 2012

Doctor...or Metallurgist?

If I had any future thoughts that Finn might be a doctor when he grows up, those thoughts are now gone.

The Scene: Right after school...

Finn: I can't eat a snack right now. I'm disturbed.

Me: What has you disturbed?

Finn: In school we were discussing ant...ant...antimy...and it's all about inside your ear.

Me: What?

Finn: You know, ant....ant....A - N - T - I - M - O - N - Y. We talked about our hearts.

Me: Antimony? What does that have to do with your inner ear and heart? And why is it disturbing?

Finn: It was just gross.

Me: OK. (totally mystified as to why one of the chemical elements is disturbing and what it has to do with body parts)

Finn: (Unpacking his backpack and finding the papers from class today) OK, here's the word. A - N - A - T - O - M - Y.

Me: That's pronounced a-nat-o-me and it's the study of the human body! No wonder you were talking about ears and hearts!

Finn: Still gross.

Can't wait until he gets to sex ed.