Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I Can't Subscribe to Better Homes & Gardens

Ages ago, when we still lived in Ohio, someone gave me a subscription to Better Homes & Gardens. I was all excited. I pulled out recipes, looked at decorating ideas, admired gardens, etc., and I felt inferior. Because my house didn't look like that, my garden didn't look like that (in fact I have a total aversion to yard work of any kind), and my family dinners didn't look like that.

The same thing happened when I started getting Family Fun magazine. Fun! For the whole family! I was totally overwhelmed. If we tried the projects, they never turned out like in the pictures and both the boys and I were disappointed (nothing ilke comparing your efforts to professional crafters, is there?).

The same went for when I subscribed to Gourmet magazine (that was way back in the 90s), Cooking Light, Martha Stewart Living, O Magazine -- you name it, it gave me an inferiority complex. (Really, the only thing I CAN read without getting an inferiority complex is People magazine. But I don't admit that I'm a subscriber because that gives me an inferiority complex.)

And then the other day, this blog post started circulating on Facebook.

I nearly wept with happiness when I read it. Now I know it's OK that I can't craft April Fool's Day food out of plasticene that looks like the real thing. Or that I didn't make the house look like it was overrun with leprechauns on St. Patrick's Day. Or that I have never made paper mache anything with my kids. Or that I can't sew a Halloween costume that looks like it came out of a Broadway dressing room.

It's OK. And I'm so relieved to know it at last.

These days, the only magazine I subscribe to is Shape. And yes, looking at all of those thin thighs gives me an inferiority complex.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing that link. Even though it made me cry, I'm so glad I read it. It's a softer, kinder smack on the back of the head reminder of what's important....


M said...

My house was always a mess...dinner wasn't perfect but it was nutricious (mostly,)I didn't have designer clothes and a groovy hair cut but I can proudly say I was at every event my kids were in. So there. That article is so spot on!