Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finding True Love

Me: "I want you to know that I love you. No matter what I've said before to the contrary, I do love you. You fulfill me as a woman. I feel whole again because of you. Thank you for that."

Produce Guy at City Market: "Um, OK."

Me: "It's not just that you have totally remodeled the store, but I do love that. It's that you actually have organic cucumbers that aren't rotting on the shelf. You carry red AND green kale, and that makes me want to weep. And the young coconuts? When I saw them, I was verklempt. I don't know if I can put it into words how I'm feeling."

Produce Guy at City Market: "Um, OK."

Me: "I will pine for Whole Foods no more! Your updated produce department filled with fresh, organic veggies; the new meat and seafood counter; the wider array of organic grocery items!" {GASP} "I even saw kefir in the dairy section!" {Sob}. . ."Any chance you'll add a bulk food section?"

Produce Guy at City Market: "Let's not get carried away here, lady."

Tonight I was nearly giddy at the grocery store, practically skipping through the aisles with my cart. Our local grocery store, City Market, which is owned by Kroger, used to be an embarassment of a store. Our limited selection of organic produce was limp and lifeless. We had no meat counter. The selection of organic items was pretty limited. I was sad. I tried not to shop there and I pretty much had to drive to Glenwood Springs if I wanted specific organic items. But no more! As of today, our newly remodeled store is fully stocked and ready to go. I went for the 2-for-1 organic strawberry special, and I stayed--browsing, humming and smiling at all those I could annoy around me.

When I returned home a mere one hour later, the following had occurred:

Yep, more than two new inches of snow fell in one single hour.

All told, we've got about 4 1/2 new inches of snow. Vail Pass is allegedly closed. Should make for an interesting trip to Denver tomorrow.

Finn's surgery is schedule for 12:30pm MST on Friday. He was annoyed when he heard he wouldn't get to eat breakfast at the hotel on Friday morning. When Declan expressed concern about Finn hurting during the surgery, Finn said, "Don't worry Declan. They're going to give me knock out medicine and I won't feel a thing." He is concerned, however, with how quickly he will be allowed to eat chicken nuggets after the fact. Let's all hope it's soon.

I'll update when we get home Friday evening.


1dreamr said...

Good luck tomorrow - I'll be thinking of you!

Laurie said...

Wait until you see the Worthington Square Kroger! The organic section has finally arrived! You might find true love and happiness back in Ohio and never want to return to Colorado. Plus it was in the low 70's and sunny today. We will be anxiously awaiting a post on Finn. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers!