Thursday, October 16, 2008

Breathing a Little Easier

More likely than not. That was the phrase we heard tonight when we met with the principal again. We went over to school for conferences, both boys are super geniuses, of course, and stopped in for an update and to hear what the principal had observed in Finn's classroom this week. Apparently she saw a lot of the same things we did and now is saying that unless something major occurs and Finn's teacher radically changes his teaching style over the weekend, the move is "more likely than not" to happen.


So now we wait to see what Finn's OT recommends on Monday. My heart is a little lighter tonight. Except now I'm dreading the turmoil he'll feel when the change takes place. I know in the long run it will be better though.


Rosemary said...

I found you again(used to follow Finn on Caringbridge).. just wanted to tell you what a great mom and dad you are... you are hanging in there and doing what is best for your little guy.. It's good to see how Finn is doing.. and I still follow Kendrie, too.

Have fun with Erin!

1dreamr said...

AWESOME news. I'm so happy to hear it! While the change might be challenging, at least he'll have a new caring, compassionate teacher to help him through. YAY!

Enjoy your "sister time" this weekend!!

Haley said...

Wonderful news! Even with the change, at least Finn's new teacher will be compassionate toward him and his prior kindergarten experiences.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Beth said...

That's great!

I changed Kindergarten teachers and I LOVED to be away from what I considered a dungeon, into the light of my new classroom.

I hope Finn has the same reaction I did. I remember the relief of being in a classroom that finally made sense to me.

Hope you had a fun weekend!