Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maybe I Missed My Calling

Yep, it's a Thursday night Two-Fer. There's another new post below this, so read on. . .

My first job out of college was for Quest International. Quest is a "skills for living" curriulum for kids that teaches, among other things, life skills, service to others, and drug and alcohol education. My job was in media relations. With my degree in Journalism, this was right up my alley. As an aside, when I was in high school, I was the worst Quest student ever. It was spring semester of senior year. Need I go on?

But I loved my job at Quest. First, I worked in a mansion (not kidding--you can check it out at: http://www.bryndu.com/Home.html). It was in the amazing little town of Granville, which was quite a drive each day, but I loved being in a rural setting. Anyway, something else I loved was that the Quest executive team was made up almost entirely of educators. Coming from a family of educators, I felt very at home there, especially with the vice president of my division. He was the nicest man--you could tell he'd been a great teacher.

So I recall one late afternoon going into his office and having to deliver some bad news. I don't even remember what it was now, but I remember sitting down with kind of a frustrated harummph, waving my arms and explaining everything. Apparently I did so with great drama. Dave, the VP, studied me for a minute and then said, "Did you ever consider a career in theater? Because really, I think you would be quite good." It made me laugh and then we discussed whatever the situation was more rationally.

I'm thinking now that I must always walk around in some state of melodrama. I think I'm mostly joking, but apparently no one else does.

I got a phone call from my dentist's office today. They asked me to stop by. When I got there, they presented me with a gift certificate for a massage! I was so taken aback. I thanked them profusely, but then asked why? Why did I deserve a massage? They said I'm always talking about how I need to go for a massage. My melodrama must be way over the top. Maybe I need to rein it in a little. But heck, if it got me a massage, perhaps not? Heck, I'm trying for a new car next time.

And, I'm thinking that I should get an agent--just in case.

I'm off to visit Erin this weekend for a little sister time!


Mountain Mama said...

You deserve not only a massage but an award for "The Woman with the Most Drama"... a random phone call from the dentist to give you a service he does not even provide. Definitely - you win!! And yes, go bigger next time, a car or a trip to Hawaii or a yurt in the mtns etc. lol

1dreamr said...

You got a free massage just for saying you needed a massage... and all this from your *dentist*??? Wow, I'm REALLY impressed! You go girl!!

Anne Kimnach said...

I can't even get anyone to give me a massage for Christmas, no matter how many hints I drop. Enjoy it...I think you definitely deserve it!

jean said...

I think the drama is genetic... :-) Since Aunt Kathy said that we should take our show on the road, and your talent has been validated by someone outside of the family, maybe we should start working on our routine!

And you should definitely start working on getting bigger items, although a massage is a really good start...