Monday, October 20, 2008

Home for Now

How many more times can I come here and post totally absurd information about Finn and school and have you keep believing me?

Is this a rhetorical question? I'm not even sure. And I'm the one writing this post.

We had such high hopes that today would bring us the answers we all sought--that Finn's OT would have a cut and dried answer for us about which room would be best for him. And that he would move there right away. Then rainbows would appear in the sky, flowers would bloom (even though I think it might be snowing), and a band of angels would burst into the Halleluah Chorus.

Yada yada yada. (That Seinfeld episode was on tonight so it's on my brain) As if.

While the OT did give an impressive summation of the classrooms and does have a recommendation, unfortunately NONE of the rooms is ideal, which of course, is realistic when you think about it. How could any of the rooms be absolutely perfect? It was silly of me to think it would be an easy thing. Surprisingly, her top recommendation isn't Mrs. Angel's classroom because of the mix of challenging kids she already has. Plus, we don't even know if the OT's top teacher pick even wants to take on the challenges that having Finn moved to her room will present. The principal didn't call me back today. Probably because she's trying to figure all of this out, too.

I feel disheartened.

To make matters worse, there was an incident between Finn and his teacher today, and I don't even have the heart to write about it tonight, that has prompted us to make the decision that Finn will not return to school until this situation is resolved. As far as we are concerned, Finn will never return to the classroom he has been in so far this year.

For now, I'm going to try to get some sleep. I drove back from a great weekend at Erin's to discover that Eamonn and Finn have a horrible stomach virus. It could be a long night.

Did I mention I feel disheartened?


Kristie said...

Oh, Natalie ... I'm so sorry to hear the situation has worsened to the point of pulling Finn out of school. I believe you 100%, though, and know you wouldn't have made that decision unless it was the right one .... so kudos to you for sticking with your gut and advocating for Finn!!

Not that I'm promoting excessive sugar consumption, but you have perhaps earned the right to break into the Halloween candy a little early???? I know I would be. Oh, wait! I already did!!!

Leeann said...

To borrow Kristie's famous phrase, what a "crao sandwich" of a day.


My heart goes out to you in a big, giant way and butterfly kisses to sweet Finn. I think I'll keep my distance from Eamonn and Declan though!


PS- and yep, you are totally welcome to steal my idea!

Anonymous said...

Sending you guys internet hugs from Ohio. (((((Natalie))))) (((((Finn))))) I can't imagine what happened with that teacher, but I glad he won't be returning until everything is resolved. Still praying for you guys here in (not snowy yet) Ohio!

Amber in Mansfield

jean said...

Okay, here's a "glass half full" thought (I know, like you need one of those right now...): If Finn has a stomach virus, I'm assuming that he will have to stay home for at least a day - maybe that will give the principal time to figure out a solution, and once Finn is recovered he can go right back to school! Are you ready for the posse that offered to beat some sense into certain people? Aunt Kathy is in Chicago this week - something to think about... :-) Hang in there. I know you're frustrated & discouraged, but hopefully things will get better once Finn's with a different teacher. Who thought that this moron would make a good Kindergarten teacher?!?!

1dreamr said...

*HUG* ...Don't lose hope - things will work out. You're doing the right thing.

in a world surrounded by men said...

You have quite the pair Natalie! I'm proud of you, but am hurting for you guys! That principal needs to get her act in gear!

Anonymous said...

ive been following your blog for awhile now and i just want to let you know that i am so sorry for you and finn. i am a college student and im in the process of picking my major. i love kids and because of finns teacher, ive decided to become an elementary teacher.

i hope everything turns out ok!

Missy said...

I am a lurker, delurking to tell you that I am thinking about you & Finn. All that you've told us about his teacher is just so sad, so very sad... Finn has had enough challenges thus far in his sweet young life. School at this age shouldn't be one of them. ((((hugs to you all)))

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad for all of you. I so wish Finn's first school experience didn't have to be this way. I know you are doing the right thing for your son, so at least you can feel proud of that.

Thanks for making me realize once again how important my job is.

Hoping for a quick and happy resolution.
Love Karen Czapla

Kim said...

Dear Natalie--
I am so sorry to hear that this is not settled yet! I don't know you personally or Finn either, but from one mommy heart to another, I say good for you in advocating for Finn. If there is nothing else I have learned from working at a non-profit children's therapy center, it is that advocating for the special needs of kids is hard work. A job that parents need to at times, unfortunately be tenacious at.
Keep on keeping on. You are doing the right thing for Finn and for your family.