Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Apparently I Need to Repeat First Grade

Finn brought home this "Theme Test" from the third day of school. He scored 100%. Always nice to see.

However, as I studied the test, I, myself, was stumped by question number 3.

"Mark the picture word that has the same middle sound as ham." He was supposed to circle the picture whose name had the same middle sound as ham.

His choices were:
a. a picture of the United States
b. a picture of a dog
c. a picture of the number 10

I was stumped.

I continued to stare at question number 3. Finn had marked "a" and apparently it was correct, but how did that picture of the U.S. sound the same as ham?

I gave up and asked Finn. Turns out that picture of the U.S. was a "map." OK, duh, I should have figured that out. BUT, do map and ham really have the same middle sound?

I just asked Eamonn, and he thinks no, too.

But I'm not going to question it. He got 100%. I'll just sit here and revel in my ignorance.


Kristie said...

Just wait 'til the day you are forced to admit you can no longer help your kids with their math homework because you don't remember how to do problems that difficult ...... and they're only in the 5th grade!

Anonymous said...

They do in Minnesota!


Leeann said...

I knew the answer was going to be A but I also agree with you that the two sounds are absolutely nothing alike. AT ALL!!

And I agree with Kristie when it comes to the math homework. I only have one kid I can help with math anymore!

Miss Barnard said...

Even though when we say the two words, the sound nothing alike, they both have the short a sound and that was what they were wanting with the answer.

Tracy said...

Hmm. Glad to see Bridget's comment. I think they sound the same too, and couldn't figure out what you were having trouble with. Must be a Minnesota thing.
Now to really get the conversation going. Do merry, marry and Mary all sound the same in your world? They do in mine, but I had a co-worker from the East Coast who told me they definitely all sounded different.

Lindsay said...

I was guessing "AM"erica. Hard test man.

1dreamr said...


I agree with Kristie - won't be long before the math that comes home looks like greek. Mmm, yeah, that's about 5th grade... if you're lucky.

Anonymous said...

It was 5th grade when the teacher asked me NOT to help my child with math. I could send her in to get help and she wouldn't get counted down for not having her homework done. We have a totally awesome math teacher this year with the same attitude. Her goal is to make sure the kids understand what they are doing and get them ready for honors geometry in 9th grade. My kid is obviously smarter than I was at that age.

Do I really have a child going to high school next year? Yikes!! I don't feel old enough although some days she makes me feel much older!

As for the word sounds. My sister had a huge problem with that in Kansas one year and I did as well in Texas. Accents definitely play a role in stuff like that. I remember her word was "bag" and the word it went with sounded NOTHING like how our Minnesota raised family says "bag."

Only gets worse as they get older. Enjoy!!!

Connie F-G

Kim said...

They sound the same here in Washington state! :) Don't get me started on the math homework thing. I gave up when my kids were in 5th grade. Why does every term in that math book have a different name from when I was in school??