Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday Festivities, Part II

Happy New Year! Now that it's 2010, I'd better wrap up my holiday festivities posts and move on with the times.

Where was I?

I don't think I wrote about the gingerbread house building.

Reading "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" with Grandma.

Getting cookies ready for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

Or Santa getting here. Ready to run downstairs and pounce on the gifts.

Gift giving. Declan thanks Finn for the hat Finn chose for Declan at the Make-A-Wish shopping event (I received a necklace. Eamonn received a set of Nascar mugs and hot chocolate). It was beyond sweet when he gave us the gifts he chose.

There was skating and hockey at our town outdoor rink.

How strange that I can't find a picture of myself doing a triple salchow.

And some sledding.

A little skiing on New Year's Day. Remind me to pull my coat down next time so I don't look quite so chubby. Or perhaps it's because my pockets are loaded with: trail maps, cat tracks, tissues in my left pocket, lip balm, tissues in my right pocket, cell phone, ID, ski pass, two granola bars, a baggie of walnuts, tissues in my inside pockets, some cash, camera (actually, the guy taking the picture has the camera, so no excuse there, and to top it all off, I'm wearing a 70 oz. Camelbak. That coat is like Mary Poppins' bag.

There was hot chocolate, cookies and marshmellow roasting at the Ritz Carlton. Love that!

And then those individuals who kept skiing and missed marshmellow roasting at the Ritz tried to make up for lost time when we got home.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Kristie said...

I'm just impressed you knew how to spell salchow. I always thought it was sow-cow ... sort of a pig-bovine combination. :)

1dreamr said...

I have to agree w/ Kristie!!

Kathleen said...

Are you letting Finn have hot chocolate again or are you still being scrooge about the hot chocolate?

in a world surrounded by men said...

I think there might be some chemicals in those marshmallows.

Check the ingredients. :-)

Leeann said...

Love all the fun photos in this post. I also really like Finn's hair in these photos. :-)

Happy new year, girlie!