Monday, January 25, 2010

Our Wild and Crazy Saturday Night!

We recent joined Netflix because they had a promotion where if you signed up, you could get 2,500 frequent flyer miles. We joined, got the miles, and will cancel, but I'm trying to maximize our one month of service with as many DVDs and online instant viewings as possible.

So there's this English murder mystery series that I love: Midsomer Murders. For awhile, A&E was showing them here in the States, but they haven't run them for for ages and I can tell by looking at the Midsomer Web site, we're falling behind! I just can't have that. Fortunately, Netflix has some of the series we haven't seen. So I put it in my queue and it arrived the next day, which is a really big deal in the mountains--mail the next day. It just doesn't normally happen. They must have a distribution place in Denver.

Anyway, so a Midsomer DVD had been here for a week and we still hadn't watched it. It was killing me. But I wanted to watch it with Eamonn because it's more fun that way. It's kind of amusing, too. When I watch a mystery movie, I cannot look away from the start of the opening credits to the last second of footage. Otherwise, I can never figure out who the killer is.

Eamonn, on the other hand, can look up occasionally from surfing the Internet, reading the paper, working--whatever--and is able to follow along and usually solve the mystery by about 3/4 of the way through the show. Very annoying.

Right now, Eamonn is working a job in Vail. There's no parking in Vail, so he leaves here long before dawn to make it up valley, catch a shuttle bus or town bus, and get to work by 7am.

This makes him very, very tired. And essentially unable to stay up to watch a movie. Ever.

But on Saturday night, he decided that he could make it through a movie. I was all excited to finally be watching the Midsomer Murder (the episode was King's Crystal for those of you who watch these, too). Very exciting. Very exciting. But frankly, I had my doubts that Eamonn could make it through.

He made all of the appropriate preparations:

Here he is eating a giant bowl of ice cream with a mountain of whipped cream. His comment: "I'm going to get all sugared up and be your worst nightmare." Uh, OK.

Here we are 20 minutes after consumption of the ice cream. He's struggling. I knew this was coming and I was ready with my camera.

And frankly, the only reason his eyes are even open is because he heard the camera switch on. He's fighting it. Fighting it bad.

Busted! He officially drops off.

He's snoring.

Look. A tiny slit in his eye as he tries to come to. It didn't work. He woke up at the end and asked whodunnit.

I haven't told him yet.


1dreamr said...

Love it! I can so relate to Eammon. That's *exactly* how I watch most movies!! Fortunately, nobody posts pictures of me on the internet, though! :-)

Lisa said...

Eammon you are my kind of guy! I, too, would plow through the mountain of ice cream with high hopes of staying awake only to have my hopes ruined by "heavy eyelid syndrome!" I have never seen the experience so eloquently captured! Way to go, Natalie. Pssst! Who did it? I won't tell, I promise. :)

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Joanne said...

Left this on the wrong post!
Nerflix has 65 Midsomers/ We've seen 53 of them and the rest are in my queque. I only know this because the other day I went to my account to see which we;d watched and which to order!