Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Am the Mother

So today I took the boys to see "The Tooth Fairy" with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. As you can imagine with The Rock in it, it was totally panned by the critics. I'm going on record here and saying I don't care. The movie was absolutely hilarious and I belly-laughed out loud more times than I can count. And of course, since this is a small town, we knew nearly everyone in the theater. I could hear all of the other parents belly-laughing, too.

Anyone catch that line at the end where Billy Crystal's character says to Julie Andrews' character, "Here, I brought you a few of your favorite things." Get it? The whole thing was just hysterical.

So, critically acclaimed movie? No. Worth the money spent? Yes.

Anyway, as I was sitting there watching it, I kept looking at the woman playing the mother. She looked so familiar, yet I couldn't place her.

Finally, I figured it out: Ashley Judd. I was a little taken aback. Ashley Judd playing someone's mother? Isn't she, like, 28? Why is she playing an older woman?

When we got home, I went straight to IMDB.com, possibly one of my favorite Web sites ever, and plugged Ashley in. Turns out, Ashley is practically an old bag. Almost 42. Can you believe it?

I just turned 42.

This was sobering.

In the movie world, I am now someone's mother. Yes, I realize I am someone's--in fact, several someone's--mother. But to see it up there on the big screen. Dang.

I also had a horrible, sinking feeling when I watched Kristen Stewart as Bella in New Moon--that scene where she's running through the square in Italy. I was watching the movie with Eamonn's sister, Gerry, and my neighbor/friend, Jen. As we watched the running Bella, Jen leaned over and said, "Oh, to be 17 again and wear skinny jeans and not have a muffin top." And we totally cracked up. And then realized we were old.


Kristie said...

Hey, thanks for the movie review. I loved "The Pacifier", so was hoping this one was just as good. And honestly, if "critically acclaimed" is what wins Oscars, well, I usually didn't like most of those movies anyway. :)

1dreamr said...

WHAT!? Ashley Judd is 42? B*tch.

Lauren said...

We took Fergus and his birthday party to The Tooth Fairy yesterday! I have to admit that while the boys loved it, and while I tend to appreciate almost anything they love, I didn't laugh that much at TTF. (Mostly I winced.) Though I did laugh out loud at the scene where Randy asks Derek a question, and he thinks it's about puberty...

I also liked Tracy. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it so much though, and I'm certainly glad we had our birthday bash with it!

Lisa said...

You are so funny! I, too, am shocked that Ashley Judd is almost 42! Perhaps she looks 28 because she just pretends to be someone's mother. Real mom's have earned our "stripes" of sorts.

Glad is all well with you! Your small CO town sounds adorable.

Joanne said...

53 of them and the others are in my queque. I know this because I went to my account and listed the ones we'd seen so I could order the rest without duplication!